Split AC vs Window AC: Know the Difference.

Split AC vs Window AC

Summer is here and so is the need for rapid cooling. From making the most of homemade remedies to getting all the external help that we can, we are doing it all. The best option is to get an AC. And here, we are going to tell you about exactly that. So read on to get to know more.

To this day the discussion still continues whether it is better to buy a split AC or a window AC. On one hand, a split AC is power-friendly and suits the décor of our house; on the other, the window AC is easy to install and maintain.

Split AC vs Window AC

Here is a comparison table that might help you figure out the benefits of each and where one scores over the other.

No. Split AC Window AC
1 It has got two units. One outdoor, one indoor (the outdoor is the compressor one) It consists of only a single unit that has all the parts incorporated into it.
2 The noise level of the AC is very less. The noise level is comparatively higher.
3 There needs to be a copper connector between the two units. Thus, a hole is needed to be drilled into the wall. There is no need for any copper connector.
4 The installation process is easy as there needs to be just one hole in the wall and you are good to go. The installation process is lengthy as it requires more space to install.
5 You need a technical expert and a helping hand. No need for external help.
6 Depending on the cooling unit, you can also opt for a stronger AC. Only one size and specific cooling effect for the room. Will not function to its best in a very large room.

Some AC Recommendation

Voltas SAC 173IY 1.4 Ton Split AC

Along with every other facility this one has also got the facility to control the room temperature on its own. You do not have to keep meddling with it every time you start to feel a bit cold. Even when you are asleep, it will adjust the room temperature all on its own.

It has also got many filters to get the air rid of many disease-causing germs and bacteria. It has also got also an LCD remote which makes changing the temperature and settings in the dark easier. Along with everything, it also saves a ton of energy.

LG JS-Q18AFXD Dual Inverter Split AC

The best thing about this AC is that it is equipped with Himalayan cooling technology. It will be able to provide you with instantaneous cooling when you switch it on. When monsoon hits, you will be ready to combat the rise in humidity.

The compressor that comes with it has got an anti-rust coating on it. It means that even though exposed to moisture, the compressor will not succumb to rust in face of it. You have got protection against moisture and rust; you get a great value on the product.

Voltas 185 DZA 1.5 Ton 5 Star Window AC

This one is a sure winner in the category. It has got all the tricks that would generally be found in a split AC. It has got an intelligent sensor that can allow it to detect the moisture in the atmosphere and prevent its buildup.

You even get a smart sensor to keep it free of dust. The copper coil that is within it is made of rust-free copper. In humid conditions, you will get the monsoon mode to work for you. And on top of everything, it is even power efficient.

Voltas 125DZA 1 Ton 5 Star Window AC

Along with an intelligent sensor, you also get a 5-star electricity consumption rating with it. Thus, you are at no risk of running a big power bill even if you use it for long hours.

You can leave it on and sleep, its airflow manager helps to cover every corner of the room. This facility is not made available for many window AC options. It is easy on the pocket too. You will be able to afford it and run it without accruing a high electricity bill.

Split AC vs. Window AC Power Consumption

A split AC is better at saving power than a window AC. This is pure because of the sophistication of technology that goes into the making of a compressor unit and the refrigeration unit of the split AC.

The window AC is the previous generation thing now and most people are leaning towards the use of a split AC for their homes and offices.

The difference in power consumption is evident from the fact that the star ratings that each recipient is different from the other and so comes the difference in the price of it.

The higher cost that you will have to pay on the purchase of the split AC will be adjusted by the time you start paying your bills. The power consumption is lower and so is the electricity bill. The extra amount that you pay, you make back in the form of the savings on electricity. Also, certain features are only available in the split AC and thus make it a better deal for your money.

The pros and cons of each

Both, the split and the window AC have got their own advantages and disadvantages. The biggest factor that works in favor of a split AC is the fact that it is great at cooling rapidly.

It can get an entire hall cool and moisture-free for less consumption of electricity. The window AC, on the other hand, does not have the compressor for cooling an area that big.

Though, the window AC is easier to maintain and install than the window AC. The difference in price makes up for the electricity consumption that you pay. You can run the AC for a good amount of time before you come upon the saturation point monetarily.

Also, you do not need to have any technical assistance when you are installing a window AC. It is easier to install than in comparison to a split AC. If the area of your use is not an oversized hall then you can easily make do with the window AC and save some money to be put in for later.

Price matters

A split AC costs more than a window AC. The split AC has got two individual units that make it whole. One is the refrigeration unit that does the cooling and other is the compressor that works on pushing the air through the refrigeration system and cooling it off.

These two units are interconnected by a copper connector that works as a link between the two of them. Therefore, you need to have a hole drilled between the two of them to make them work properly. This entire technicality in the machine has driven up its price; the cost of making two units is more than one.

When it comes to the use of a window AC, it is just one unit comprising of every aspect within itself. It has got the compressor and the copper conductor within its body and there is no need to buy an additional unit to provide the use of the compressor. You have to pay a lesser amount for the window AC than the split AC.

Why window AC scores over split AC

Window AC is not an all disadvantage machine. There are certain advantages that you get only when you are using the window AC.

Like, when it comes to installation and ease of movement, it is better for the window AC to be carried around. It is basically a plugin and operates machinery that it functions on.

So, when you are moving and have to carry your AC to your new home, forget having to worry about finding a technician, you can just plug it in and switch on.

Also, it costs less. It is easier on the pocket. You will never have to worry about having to find another AC as long as you plan on using it for cooling only your own room. It is an independent unit that is not dependent on any external unit for its cooling.

The cooling power of each unit

The split AC is the clear winner over here. The cooling power of the split AC on account of its separate compressor is multiplied manifold in comparison to the window AC.

As the name suggests, when it comes to cooling a small room, the window AC is the way to go, but when you have to provide for a large area, you need to have more power. With the help of technology, the split AC has become more effective in cooling and moisture regulation.

On the other hand, the new models of the window AC are demonstrating enough power to make sure that they are not left behind in the fray.

With increasing sophistication, even window AC has become more powerful and power-efficient at the same time. So when it comes to buying one, it is completely based on your need and budget.


There is also a rising concern amongst the consumer of today regarding the concept of aesthetics. So, when you have to make sure that the design of your room, the interior of it is in perfect tandem with everything else, having a décor is more important than some minimum margin of money.

A split AC gives more room to the designer to work within making sure that everything looks good. This is also a very popular reason for the rise in the number of sale of split AC over time.

A window AC does not offer that same feature to you. When you decide to go for a window AC you will have to make a hole in your wall for the size of the AC.

In the case of a window AC, the hole in the wall is just enough to let the copper conductor be able to pass through. But when it comes to the window AC< you have no choice but to let the AC accommodate in the wall or a window.

Related Questions

Why is window AC cheaper than split AC?

Window AC comes cheaper than a split AC because of a few reasons. Firstly, the fact that it is smaller in size and does not take as many components to build as it takes to finish up a split AC.

The second, the cooling power of each unit is different. A split AC is generally better suited for cooling a larger area than the one that the window AC is comfortable with.

The split AC has got two separate components. One of which is the condenser and compressor unit. This separate unit can be altered in size to fit the cooling of the room. A bigger compressor will provide more cooling.

On the other hand, a window AC is better suited for a small room. You can install it in your bedroom. It would fit in perfectly and provide efficient service. The smaller size and lower cooling are the reasons for its lesser price in comparison to the split AC.

Also, the components that go into the building of a window AC are not as many and thus not as costly as the split AC.

Are window air conditioners more efficient?

The efficiency of an air conditioner depends on two factors. The first is its cooling power. The second is its power consumption. When we talk about the cooling power of the window AC, it will be second to that of the split AC. This is because of the reason that the split AC has got a separate compressor unit.

It makes the split more powerful than the window ac. The compressor is basically the heart of the AC. It pushes the refrigeration through the cooling unit.

It runs this liquid/gas under extremely high pressure. Over time, it is advisable that you get the gas changed to sustain the effective cooling capacity.

When it comes to window ACs, the only downside is that they have a much smaller cooling unit or compressor and thus cannot be put to use in larger rooms.

If you want to cool a hall with the use of a window AC then you will have to put multiple units at work which will, again, consume much higher electricity than what a split AC would.

So even in power consumption, the window AC is second to the efficiency of split AC. However, when it comes to the ease of handling and the ease of installation, the window AC is far above the split AC.

Are window are conditioners expensive to run?

In a world where one of the prime concerns is the shortage of energy, yes, window AC is expensive to run. The per-unit cost of electricity is rising as time goes by and a window AC consumes more power than a split AC.

However, there are some other factors that one should consider too, like the cost of a window AC would be far less than that of a split AC.

With the price difference, one can easily accommodate the difference in electricity bill that is going to run up in a few years time. By the time that difference is covered up, the AC would be out of commission as newer models would have taken over the market.

Also, there is the cost of service. The maintenance that accrues in the case of a window AC is far less than what you would have to pay out for maintaining a split AC. There is also the factor of convenience. Installation and application of a window AC do not require you to have technical help.

Which uses more electricity, window or central AC?

A window AC uses more electricity. A split AC is costlier but also provides to you the benefit of being more powerful, having better cooling capacity and the ability to cool off a larger room quicker. When it comes to window AC, they are rapidly becoming outdated.

As the price of split ACs continues to drop, new technology is making the purchase of it easier. Some features, like inverter faculty and compatibility, are available only in the split AC. All these factors make it a much more favorable variant to choose over a window AC. Power consumption is also just one of the many factors that play into the allure of buying a split AC.

The main argument against the purchase of a split AC has always been that it is costly and is only needed for larger rooms. But lifestyles are changing nowadays and people are shifting over to the finer side of life.

People want everything in their house to suit their style. A split AC fits in perfectly into the décor of their house and gives them the perfect opportunity to provide cooling to a room that has got no cross ventilation. A little increase in price is nothing in comparison to pay for the advantages that it offers.

Which one would be more efficient for cooling a hall?

The split AC is what you are looking for. When it comes to keeping the hall cool, the window AC does not have the compressor power to achieve that.

You need a bigger compressor to accommodate the increased volume of the room. Now, in the split AC, you can get a bigger compressor to cool the hall quickly. If you ever notice, even big conference halls and marriage halls make the use of huge compressors.

They do it because that is what is needed to make the increased amount of air in the room pass through the refrigeration. The disadvantage with a window AC is the fact that you cannot attach an external AC unit to it and make up for the lack in size.

Split AC is bigger air conditioners that were designed with the aim to make air cooling better and far more efficient than what is achievable with the use of a simple window AC.

So, if you are thinking about getting a cooling system for your hall or dining space, it would be better if you decide to go with the use of a split AC rather than with a window AC. A little bump in price would make for every other thing after installation.

Does window AC work better during monsoon weather?

The window AC or the split AC, both of them have got a special mode for better cooling during the monsoons. It is not only about cooling but also about humidity control.

Heat and increased temperature is also a factor when we talk about temperature control but during monsoons, it is the increased humidity that makes it unbearable. Even in low temperatures, you would start to feel uncomfortable as it would get too humid to be comfortable.

That is where an AC comes in. It will start by taking out the excess moisture from the air and then move on to controlling the climate. This is available in both window and split AC.

Cooling inside your home would be better with a split AC. There is nothing particular that sets it apart during the monsoon. Even if you have a window AC with you, there is nothing to be concerned about.

If you are having trouble with humidity, switch on the monsoon mode on your AC, it should do the trick. There is no need to buy an AC just to combat the monsoon humidity. In case you are looking to change your old AC, you will be able to get many offers if you are turning in your old AC.


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