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Washing machines are nothing less than oxygen for family’s to run their daily lives. And though they are just machines that are meant to wash clothes, buying one is always a significant investment decision.

But are you unable to decide between semi-automatic and automatic models? No problem! You don’t have to scroll through any other article online or visit stores to choose, because you’ll get your answers here and now!

Well, fully automatic machines are better! And that too with the front-loading features. This is because the front loaders are economical, have a better load capacity & use less water than others. The front-load machines are also more gentle to laundry.

Wait, there’s more!

There’s a load of information still waiting for you as you scroll below. We have collected the best customer experiences and added it with research to provide you with the real picture. So, without further ado, let’s start with a basic introduction of both types of machines.

Semi-Automatic Washing Machines

Semi-automatic washing machines are the entry-level washing machines among most brands. And as the name suggests, they need some manual effort to complete the cloth washing process.

They have two tubs, one for washing and another for drying. So you’ll have to manually transfer the clothes from the washing tub to the drying tub, once the clothes have completed their washing cycle.

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Fully Automatic Washing Machines

A fully automatic washing machine, on the other hand, has a single tub. The machine will wash and dry the clothes in the same tub, without any manual intervention. Moreover, fully automatic machines come in two variants – top loading and front loading, which have their share of pros and cons.

Semi-Automatic or Fully Automatic – Which one is better?

Property Semi-Automatic Fully Automatic
Size Bigger More compact
Electricity consumption Less More
Water Usage Less More
Load Type Only Top loading Both top and front-loading
Mobility Yes Yes
Wash Cycle Faster Fast
Delicate clothes Good Good

If buying a fully automatic washing machine, is top-loading better than front-loading?

If you want to know the truth no matter how harsh it may seem, then here it is. The Fully Automatic Front Load machines are much better than the top-loading ones. Don’t worry; we have our reasons to say so.

Load Capacity: Starting with the basics, we have found that the front-loading machines can handle a more significant load than the top-loading ones. Due to this, you can run a large wash cycle at a time. Consequently, this leads to lower water usage, lower power consumption, and in the long term, it turns out to be more economical and optimal.

Technologically Smart: There is a piece of equipment called an agitator in the top-loading machines. This part has the function to rotate and vibrate the tub so that the dirt and smudge whisk off the clothes. But in the front-loading machines, the agitator is not required as these tubs use the force of gravity to give the result a better and more robust cleaning process.

Sleep Tight: The reason we say this is because the front loading machines come with inbuilt vibration control. This means that you can wash all your clothes during the night without having to worry about the sounds.

More importantly, the front load machines are made after giving due consideration to its placement conditions. It can be near your living room or at the backside of your house. Irrespective of its position and placement the front load machines are a better companion for your tight sleep than other types of washing machines.

Less Recurrent repair cost: The front-load machines have a central agitator. Also, some front load machines do not even have an agitator. This helps the consumer save on power cost and water usage.

Due to this, they are not conditioned to recurrent repair work, which a top-loading machine does invite. This means not only the front load washing machines are more cost-effective in terms of operation; they are also reliable for long term usage.

Price Factor: The front-load machines indeed cost more than a top-loading one. But spending more initially will help you save a lot of expense on the daily operational cost and maintenance of this machine. So, be smart and make an intelligent choice.

Some Interesting facts about Front Load Automatic Machines:

  • Front Load Machines use up to 80% less water than other traditional washing machines.
  • In terms of power savings, these machines use 60% of electricity.
  • Contrary to popular opinion, the front-loading machines can also wash a small clothes lot equally efficiently as it can wash a more massive load.

Is it OK to use top loader detergent in a front loader?

No, it’s not a good idea. Top loader detergents are cheaper but also produce more foam than the front loader detergents. So if you add a high loader detergent, too much foam can damage the front loader machines which use lesser water.

Or perhaps, your clothes might retain the excess detergent overdue even after completing the wash cycle. However, if you have bought a top loader detergent, use lesser, almost half the amount of detergent so that it doesn’t produce much foam.

The right cleaning process with Semi-Automatic Machines:

When it comes to the cleaning process, you do not need to do much with the fully automatic machines. The only requirement is that you need to put detergent in the given container.

As regards the rest of the process, the sensors and the voice instructor will guide you through the process. It will analyze the clothes load and then choose the water level.

Plus, it will also instruct you how much load is suitable. But when it comes to semi-automatic, you need to follow a set procedure that is certified by the manufacturers for best results.

First, fill up the tub with water. We usually tend to put in the load first and then add water to them. But as per the recommended procedure adding water first is better and cost-effective.

Then add the detergent in the water to the quantity which is appropriate for the load.

In the next step, you need to add the clothes load and ensure that the clothes are soaked in the water. * A fascinating fact is that this is where the automatic front-load machines save a lot of water. This is because, in the front load machines, the clothes do not need to get soaked in the water.

The tub has water in it, and when it rotates, the clothes drop into the water from above. This makes redundant the need to soak the clothes in the water and also helps clean the clothes without exposing them to the agitator.

After washing, the water drains then if your semi-automatic machine has two separate tubs for washing and drying, then you need to transfer the clothes in the drier tub.

It may become clear now to the consumer that needs to put in more effort with the semi-automatic machine than with a fully automatic machine.

Does the automatic washing machine consume more water?

Yes and no. Because for the same load capacity of machines, there might be different levels of water consumption. For instance, if we compare automatic and semi-automatic machines, the semi-automatic ones generally consume lesser water. At the same time, there are different levels of water consumption between the front loader and top loader automatic machines.

So if we assume that a semi-automatic machine consumes around 80 to 100 liters, a fully automatic machine that is front-loading will intake lesser water, i.e., between 60 to 80 liters. On the contrary, top loader machines consume more water, of around 120 to 160 liters.

But apart from these, you can always save water by using water level settings per lot size. Moreover, some brands manufacture washing machine models that are programmed to use water optimally.

What type of Clothes Can I wash in Front Load and a Top Load Machine?

Well, there is no pre-defined pattern of which types of clothes you can wash in either of the machines. But the fact is that with the top loading machines the clothes have to go through wear and tear because of the agitator. The agitator does the job of rubbing the clothes against the walls of the tub, and this helps clean soiled garments.

But in the process, it also damages the fabric integrity and leads to wear and tear of the clothes. These differences may not seem apparent in one of two wash cycles. But a prolonged exposure of clothes to the agitator enabled machines does reduce cloth integrity and quality.

Why are Fully Automatic Machines safer?

There is a reason why fully automatic machines are considered safer and efficient. We have already talked about their efficiency in detail. Now, when it comes to safety the fully automatic machines because do not emit electric shocks.

We tend to carelessly use the semi-automatic machines and even halting them midway when washing clothes. And in case, if there is no Earth wire connection in the house you can get an electric shock from the machine. On the other hand, in the fully automatic washing machines, you cannot stop the process midway.

Some additional Washing Machine Tips

You may think that you are an expert in washing clothes because you have been doing it for years together. Well, think again. We have collected these tips and suggestions from various sources and followed the best practices to provide you with these modern hacks for washing clothes.

No Colors: no, we are asking not to wear any colors, but at least do not wash mix up all types of clothes into one lot. Make it a habit to wash white clothes, light-colored fabrics, dark and right colored clothes separately.

If however, you want to check which color wins in a tie and dye competition, then be our guest and throw in all types of clothes at once. But seriously, it is a good practice to separate the clothes before washing them.

Labels are Important: We only look for labels on clothes when it comes to checking the prices. But, there are other labels that are also important.

These labels have specific instructions for the type of fabric they accompany. Checking them for special instructions can help you divert any potential damage that can ruin the fabric.

Detergent Specifications: Not only it is essential to use the right kind of detergent for your washing machine, but it is also imperative to know how to use it.

You need to know the right process of pouring in every kind of detergent. The liquid detergents have a different procedure, whereas the powders have a different process.

Moreover, you can also use detergent tablets or pods if you want more options. But the important is that insert the detergent with the right quantity and use the detergent box in the washing machine.

The Top-Selling Washing Machines in the market

Here are a few washing machines from each category, that are winning the hearts of many customers like you. Have a glance.

Best semi-automatic washing machines

Whirlpool 7 kg (Superb Atom 70S)

Whirlpool has brought out a masterpiece among semi-automatic washing machines with its Superb Atom 70S model. This model has a higher spin speed, which means your clothes will dry in no time.

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Besides, it also features a scrub station, so you can easily scrub off those dirty collars and cuffs without straining your back or neck.

The panel is also waterproof, so no worries if you spill some water while transferring clothes from the washer to the drier. Also, its powerful 340W motor will tumble your clothes in all directions to give them a thorough rinse.

Intex 6.2 kg (WMS62TL)

This sleek and fashionable semi-automatic washing machine from Intex is a show-stealer. With 6.2 kg capacity and 1320 RPM (rotations per minute), it will be a great buy for small families of 3 to 5 members.

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Its unique impeller design and the smart power-saving option is another noteworthy feature. Plus, its multi water level selection mode, empowers you to save on water.

Additionally, its transparent lid lets you view the clothes and the machine in action. This washing machine also claims to be rust free and shock-free, and thus you can enjoy a safe washing experience.

Best Fully Automatic Front-loading Washing Machines

Bosch 7 kg (WAK20160IN)

The German company Bosch has brought out its beautiful machine with a fully automatic front load design. With 7 kg capacity, this machine can spin your clothes with the power of 700 RPM.

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While it can go up to 1000 rpm on full speed. It can also magically freshen up lightly soiled clothes in a mere fifteen minutes so that you can save up more than 60% of the laundry time with this Bosch washing machine. It can also detect voltage fluctuations and reset its wash cycle in accordance.

IFB 6 kg (Diva Aqua SX)

Suitable for bachelors and small families, IFB’s Diva Aqua SX has a maximum capacity of 6 kg laundry load. It has a whopping 800 RPM spin speed, so your clothes dry at a faster pace.

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Its elegant crescent moon drum gently cushions the clothes tumble. The rinse uses a shower system so again your clothes are treated with delicacy, retaining their grace and charm for a long.

Best Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machines

LG 6.5 Kg Inverter Washing Machine

The latest arrival on the scene, LG 6.5 Kg Inverter washing machine with smart inverter technology. And this technology makes this machine an energy saver since it can automatically adjust the energy consumption depending on the power requirement for each operation.

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While its waterproof motor is corrosion resistant and is a tough one among its counterparts from other brands. Besides, this machine is also equipped with revolutionary features like Smart Motion, Jet Spray, TurboDrum, etc. enhance its performance. It also has standby power saving, auto restart, and smart diagnosis functions; this is a stylish piece for a machine.

Whirlpool 12 kg (360° ULTIMATE CARE 12.0)

Another stunner by Whirlpool, this 360° ULTIMATE CARE 12.0 model comes in beautiful graphite color. Just like the model name, this fully automatic top loading washing machine tumbles clothes in gentle 360° motion, to give excellent results.

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Its outstanding feature is the presence of an inbuilt heater that heats the water for a warm wash and 99.9% allergen-free clothes.

Also, its 6th sense tumble combines with compelling recirculation of warm detergent water, and warm rinse can clean the greasiest of clothes with no manual work.

Whirlpool has also equipped this machine with four levels of power dry, automatic softener dispenser, and you can also choose to soak your laundry in warm water for gentle removal of stains and dirt. It is also a performer when it comes to using an adequate quantity of detergent depending on the load, besides adjusting voltage and water pressure.


In the end, using a fully automatic front load washing machine is your best if you want to achieve the best results.

To give you an overview of these machines, they are cost-effective, cleans better, protect the fabric, and most importantly, are durable. We hope that now you have a vivid understanding of which type of machine to use and why it is the best choice.


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