Instant Geyser vs Storage Geyser: Which is Best?

Instant Geyser vs Storage Geyser

Do you have kids in your home? Do you want to get rid of the conventional methods of water heating? Are you planning to buy a geyser this winter? If yes, then you’re at the right place. Winter season is here; the thought of having a shower with cold water gives you goosebumps or makes your body feel cold.

It is the time when the demand for water heaters, immersion rods, and instant water heaters increases. From bathing to washing utensils, house cleaning to clothes washing, hot water is used for various household purposes, especially in winter months.

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However, immersion rods are dangerous to use whereas traditional methods of getting hot water by using wood cause pollution, which harms our earth.

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That is why people are turning towards electric geysers. Not only they are environmentally friendly, but also require less effort to provide you with hot water. They make your job much simpler as compared to conventional methods of water heating.

An electric geyser is a device that uses electricity to raise the temperature of water stored in the geyser tank and deliver hot water when required. There are two types of electric geyser available in the market – Instant geyser and Storage geyser. Both use electricity, but instant geyser provides you hot water instantaneously as you switch on the geyser whereas storage geyser takes 5-10 minutes.

When it comes to buying a geyser, deciding between instant geyser and storage geyser is not an easy task, but a little research won’t be amiss.

Knowing about their difference will help you to make the right decision as per your requirements. In this guide, we are going to tell some relevant information about both geysers. We hope that this small guide will help you to make the right decision for your home.

How instant geyser works?

Instant geysers have a small storage capacity of 1-3 liters and a heating rate of 3-4.5 kW. Geysers with more than 3 liters storage capacity are categorized under storage geysers. Instant geysers are named instant because they give you hot water almost instantaneously. They are also known as demand-type water heaters.

The instant water geyser consists of a small stainless steel tank in which metallic coils are dipped into the water tank. It works on the similar principle of immersion rods dipped into the water bucket, the only difference between an instant geyser and an immersion rod is the inbuilt safety features; an instant water heater is ideal for safe water heating.

In the instant water heater, water flows over the metallic coils filled with a heating element that heats the water instantaneously. The temperature of water depends on the time for which water flows over the metallic coil. Hence, to increase the water temperature, you have to either reduce the water flow or increase the metallic coil capacity.

How to use an instant geyser?

Before you start using an instant geyser, it is crucial to make sure that there is a continuous flow of water into the geyser. Switch on the geyser at least 1 minute ago before you start using the hot water. Most instant geysers have a neon sign that indicates that the water is hot enough for usage. In case, there is no neon sign, then open the tap to check the temperature of hot water.

Before you go ahead and shop for an instant geyser, you need to know the benefits you can reap from it. There are a countless number of advantages of an instant geyser. In the next part of the article, we are going to tell the reasons to buy an instant geyser.

Benefits of buying an instant geyser:

  1. Wall space: Unlike storage geysers, an instant geyser is small in size. Hence, it requires small wall-mounting space. Apart from this, it will give an appealing look to your washroom, bathroom, or kitchen.
  2. Less Time: An instant geyser takes a few seconds to give you hot water, but in the case of a storage geyser, you have to wait up to 5 minutes for hot water. You will be able to get hot water instantly when you need it; you need not wait for a long time.
  3. Electricity consumption: An instant geyser consumes less electricity as it provides hot water instantaneously. On the other hand, a storage geyser consumes electricity a little more as water needs some time for heating.
  4. Stand-by heat loss: Even though the walls of storage water heaters are made up of insulating material, there is a substantial standby heat loss. However, the instant geysers eliminate the chances of heat loss as they provide hot water instantaneously, thereby saving electricity and money.
  5. High efficiency: Unlike storage water heaters, instant geysers are more efficient. For instance, if your family requires 41 gallons of water daily, then an instant water heater can save up to 24%-34% on the energy costs.
  6. Avoid overheating: A good instant geyser consists of a thermostat that cuts off the electricity supply when it senses the needed temperature is attained. Furthermore, some instant geysers are equipped with a high-pressure valve that will let hot water drain out while reducing the pressure in the geyser. However, high pressure in the geyser can result in the formation of steam and explosion.
  7. Lifespan: As there is a small water tank in instant geyser, the lifetime of instant geysers is considered a little higher as compared to the storage type. They come with an extended life warranty of 6 to 15 years.
  8. No greenhouse gases: Electric geysers don’t emit greenhouse gases; it is beneficial for our environment. Furthermore, tankless water heaters can be remotely controlled with 4-different settings available for use.

While these were the advantages of buying instant geysers, there are many more like instant geysers are environmentally friendly. Each electric device has its own advantages and disadvantages; there are some cons of using instant geysers. Let’s have a look at the cons of buying an instant geyser.

Disadvantages of instant geyser:

  1. Limited water supply: An instant geyser releases at max 6 liters of water; if you want to use water for laundry or shower or other purposes as well, then you have to wait for some time. On the other hand, a storage geyser has a capacity of up to 35 liters max. Hence, there are no breaks; you will get all the water before having a bath. However, 6 liters of water is enough if you bathe using a bucket.
  2. Geyser size: An instant geyser comes in different sizes from 1-10 liters, but a storage geyser comes with a higher capacity up to 35 liters. Hence, an instant geyser is ideal for washing utensils, hand wash, but if you want to take a shower, then storage type is the best option. Furthermore, you need not waste power on heating the water you are not going to use.
  3. Excess load: As there is no storage water tank in instant water heaters, therefore, there is no chance of wasting hot water. Due to this, it uses less electricity even though it requires high wattage. It sounds good from the perspective of an individual, but may not good for a power grid. Its electricity drawing rate is extremely high, which can damage your power grid permanently.
  4. Flow rate: Some instant water heaters have a minimum flow rate as high as 0.5 or 0.6 gallons per minute; if the water flows from the tap at a low rate, then the water into the geyser will heat up instantly which can result in the steam formation or an explosion. It is a problem that usually occurs due to low-flow plumbing issues. Hence, it can be risky to use an instant geyser at lower flow rates. However, manufacturers are seeking solutions for this concern.
  5. Maintenance: Instant water heater requires more maintenance as compared to the storage models, especially in the place where hard water is a problem. If the hardness is above 11 grains per hour, then as per the experts it is recommended to install a water softener which enhances the upfront cost as well as maintenance cost.

While these were the cons of instant water heaters over the storage geyser, there are many more such as highly-qualified technicians are required for the maintenance of instant geysers.

If you are looking forward to buying an instant or storage geyser, you need to know the difference between both of them. In the next part, we are going to tell the major difference between an instant water heater and a storage geyser.

What is the difference between an instant geyser and a storage geyser?

There are lots of differences between an instant geyser and a storage geyser; almost all the major differences are described above in terms of their advantages and disadvantages. However, the primary difference between both types of geysers is their construction and work.

  1. Construction: Instant geysers are also known as tankless geysers as they don’t have any storage tank to store the water and they provide you with hot water instantaneously. Whereas, storage geysers have a storage tank that stores a limited amount of water in the tanks.
  2. Working: A tankless water heater uses a heat source like electricity or gas to heat the water on demand. When a hot water tap is turned on, cold water flows through the pipe into the unit. Its heat source fires the heating element thereby producing hot water.

Traditional tank storage water heater consists of two pipes – one for inlet of cold water and another for the outlet of hot water. It works on the principle of conversion of electric energy into heat energy. It uses heating elements, controlled by a thermostat to raise the temperature of the stored water in the tank.

These are the major differences between instant geyser and storage geyser. If you are looking forward to buying a water heater for your family this winter, then it can turn out to be a wise decision of your life. However, whatever type of geyser you buy, it is recommended to keep the following tips in your mind:

  1. Decide your budget: Before you step out to shop geyser for your home, it is crucial to decide how much you want to spend on it. Not only it helps you to narrow down the list of options available to you, but also helps you make the right choice without putting a burden on your pocket.
  2. Do your homework: There are countless numbers of geyser models available in the market. In this situation, it becomes difficult to decide which one will suit you the best. Hence, it is recommended to make a little research on the internet and know the reviews of customers for different models.
  3. Decide your priority list: There are lots of things to consider when it comes to buying a geyser. However, you have to make a list of features you want in your water heater. For instance, if you are looking for a geyser that provides you water instantaneously, then an instant geyser is the best option, but if you are looking for a geyser for having a shower, then a storage geyser is the right choice. Knowing your preferences help you make the best decision.

These are some tips you need to know before buying a geyser, there are many more, such as check your available space, size of the geyser, water flow rate, time for hot water supply, etc. If you are looking for some more information, it is wise to read some buying guides.

And, it is recommended to buy a geyser of a good brand. In case, your geyser is making any noise, make sure you call a technician to check it. For more information, explore the internet.


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