Front Load Vs. Top Load Washing Machine: Comparison

top load vs front load washers pros cons

Doing laundry is never an option that people would like to choose. But at least if you have your own washing machine, the job becomes easier. There are primarily two types of washing machines that are in the market.

The first one is the top loader and the second one is the front loader. As the name suggests the machines differ in the way you can load the clothes into them.

And the difference lies not only in getting the clothes stacked but also in the wash quality. In this article, we will be focusing on which of the two can be a better machine for the job.

The answer is clear; the front loader is the winner between the two. Of course, the price is higher than the top loader but it saves big on electricity consumption and the volume of water that you need to use per wash. In the long run, you would save more.

Difference Between Top Loading and Front Loading Washing Machines

Top Load Washer Front Load Washer
Stackable No Yes
Wash Large Loads No Yes
Water Use Rank One (most amount of water used) Three (Least amount of water used)
Price Ranking One (least expensive) Three (Most expensive)
Short Cycles Yes No
Cleaning Performance Good Best

A Few Recommendations

Top Front-load Washing Machines

1. Bosch 7 kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

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With this, not only you can save loads of water but also loads of money. Coming from the house of Bosch, it has the quality to last for many years before you have to put in money for repairs or replacement. It is easy on the pocket to purchase too.

If you had been looking for a washing machine that takes care of the laundry with minimal input from your end then looks no further, this is the machine that you had been looking for. There are a few machines that can give it any competition.

2. LG 8.0 kg Inverter Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

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Not only is there a 2-year warranty on the machine but a 10-year warranty on the motor too. This is the confidence that the makers of this machine have in it and it should say ample about the product itself.

You can load it up all the way to 8kgs, which is way too much when it comes to a washing machine. You can handle a large volume of laundry in a single go.

That is particularly time-saving. There is also a smart diagnosis system in the machine that allows you to troubleshoot minor issues without having to call a technician.

3. IFB 8 kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

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It comes with a unique system of air bubble infusion. What this does to your clothes is that it lets it breathe even when it is being washed; your clothes come out smelling fresh as if they have been dried in the open air.

This feature comes in especially handy in places that you do not have much open space to hang your clothes around. It has also many intelligent sensors that help it in washing the clothes.

Like, it can automatically sense the excess foam being created inside the washer and can add dilution accordingly for maximum cleaning. It can bear a load of up to 8Kg and can provide effective cleaning without any trouble. It comes with a 4-year warranty.

Top Loading Washing Machine

1. IFB 6.5 kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

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The load-bearing capacity is not as much as the front loaders but still, it can get you a week’s laundry easily. There are eight sets of programs that you can choose from and also 8 levels of water to fill up as per need.

As it is made completely out of metal, it is quite durable too, more than some of its compatriots. There is a load of features that come with it to help you keep the damage to your clothes at a minimum and to keep them looking new and clean for a long time.

2. Haier 5.8 kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

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Though it is a top-load machine it comes with a number of features that it has borrowed from its front-load rival. It has got a number of settings that you can adjust to your liking to make sure that the machine remains functional and at its best irrespective of the type of wash that you want.

A high number of programs to be selected from also give you multiple options as to the type of wash that you want. It has a comprehensive warranty of 2 years while the motor of the machine will be under warranty cover for the next 5 years to come after your purchase.

3. Samsung 6.2 kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

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With a silver-colored finish to the front and a brown top, the machine looks sophisticated in this category. Samsung has the gift of making the most features packed the product and letting it stay within a reasonable price market. is what you are getting here with this product.

The washing machine has got a comprehensive warranty of 2 years and can clean your clothes just as perfectly even when it is functioning at full capacity. All of this is due to the ingenuity of Samsung. It is fairly easy on the pocket too and you can easily accommodate it in your monthly budget.

The Ups and Downs

Front-load washing machine:


The sheer numbers of features that you get with this machine are too many. There is nothing that you don’t get when you buy a front-load machine. From the combination of wash cycles to automatic dryers, everything is involved in the package itself.

This is something that is lacking in the top loader machines. You will not get so many features already inbuilt in the machine. In top loaders, you might even have to choose between automatic and semi-automatic.

Your clothes are washed gently. Ever noticed the huge amount of lint that is left over in the machine every time you wash your clothes? That is the life of your cloth being drained away with every wash. This is something that does not happen when you choose the front loader.

In this machine, your clothes are washed gently and there is no wear or tear of any material in the wash, they are soft and dry when they come out. The clothes that are washed in a front loader will last for a longer amount of time than those in the top loader.

It is not only featured that you get when you wash with a top loader. But it is also the additional savings that you make with every wash. The energy used and the water consumed per wash is significantly lower than what it takes to wash clothes in a top loader.

And this goes on increasing with every wash. Every time that you use your machine, you will be saving a little on the overall cost of your electricity and water. At the end of the month, you are going to be really thankful that you opted for this model.

It cleans better than the top loader. This is something that has already been proved through the experience of many households over the course of many years. When it comes to caring for your clothes, you might take as many precautions as you want to but ultimately you will have to put your clothes in water.

And when you do that, you need a machine that is gentle and at the same time, efficient on your clothes. You do not want to subject the clothes to multiple washes and this is something that you can get when you use front loaders.

Last but not the least; it is less noisy when you use it. Traditional machines tend to make a lot of noise when in use but the front loaders will be silent even when they are working. This is something that many people desire nowadays.

When it comes to being in use, the machine can make a lot of noise when you switch on the dryer. Front loader machines are quiet and finished the job without causing any disturbance to the people around. In modern settings, it will be quite useful.

front load vs top load washing machine


The biggest drawback of these machines is that they are expensive to purchase. An average household would rather prefer to have a top loader than buy the front loader by putting in so much extra money. In the long run, the cost of the water and electricity consumed are spread over many months and that makes it easier to pay.

But making such a huge payment for a front loader machine might not be in the favor of a number of households. Thus, these machines remain fairly unpopular in the biggest of markets across a large section of the society.

Not easy for people with back problems. As they are front loaders, they are not easy on the people who have any form of back problems. The root cause of the problem lies in the fact that you have to bend down every time you have to put in or take out the clothes from the machine.

Many people would not be comfortable being in that position for a long period of time. Also, washing clothes is something that you do on a regular basis, is there is no getting away from it too.

Top Loading Washing Machine


The biggest draw of these machines is that they are easy on the pocket and can be purchased even on a small budget. Thus, they are the first choice for a number of households looking to make their job easier and save time on the go.

This is the approach that the rising number of people is taking as they have to make time for every other thing in their life from their jobs to their families. In the largest markets, they are still a popular choice to go with. This is the reason they continue to outsell the front loaders.

Easier to use. These machines are simpler than the front loaders and can be thus, easily used. Not only do they not require the user to bend continuously but they also are easy to use for those who do not make use of a lot of options in their washing.

The majority of the population still just wants to get the job done and be free. For this purpose, they find that the automatic top loaders are the perfect companion. It is just the simple process of putting in the clothes and switching on the water supply.


The biggest disadvantage is the higher long term ownership cost. Though many people do not account for it, the machine will cost you more in the long term. This is so because an automatic front loader will save up every time you wash your clothes whereas the top loader will cost you a bit extra every time you switch it on.

Water and energy are two resources that are increasingly decreasing in quantity and rising in cost. In the face of such a situation, it is unwise to willingly choose an option that is going to cost you more in the long term.

A limited number of options. This is another major disadvantage of the machine. When it comes to washing different types of clothes, you want them to have their own settings so as to minimize the damage caused to the clothes.

But the top loaders do not have the option with them. All you get is a few numbers to choose from and those have to deal mostly with drive cycles and the duration. There is no selection for the type of fabric that you are going to use in the machine.

As a result of all such factors, the top loader machine is harsher on clothes than what it should be. This ends up in drastically reducing the life of the clothes from what it could be to what it becomes. The clothes that you buy are costly and have their own value.

Why choose to diminish the value of your clothes by choosing something that can steal their luster. You must have noticed it yourself that your clothes do not appear to have the same shine as they used after being in the machine for a few washes. This effect is compounded over time leading to permanent damage.

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Can I use top load detergent in front load?

When it comes to the use of a detergent, largely they are all the same. The only minute differences between them lie in their strength. There are a few detergents that can seriously hamper the quality of your clothes; you need to stay away from them. Apart from those, you can use whichever detergent that you want to in front load.

The difference between the top load and front load is not so much so as to damage the machine or the quality of the wash. So you should do fine with both of them.

What is the difference between front load and top load washing powder?

The difference between the two lies in the amount of foam that they produce. When you use the top load detergent in the front load, make sure that you are only using the recommended amount.

Otherwise, it may end up producing extra foam that might overflow or damage the machine. A detergent for a front-load machine will produce a lighter foam and not as much as it is in quantity.

Thus, whichever machine you use, try to buy the recommended powder and if you end up mixing them both, at least make sure that you are using the right amount.

Why does a front loader make lesser noise?

There is a machine part called the agitator in the top loader. It has been put there so that it can help with the effective washing of clothes, that part is absent in the front loaders. This is because of the unique design of the tub in which the clothes are stacked.

There is airflow of water and tumble function. As the motor does not have to rotate the agitator continuously, the noise produced is much less than what you would find in the top loaders. Quieter machines are getting more popular nowadays.

Is it wise to buy an expensive machine when I don’t wash clothes that often?

If you can purchase it, then go for it. Regardless of the frequency of your laundry, you will be saving big on every time you switch on the machine. Not only the monetary benefits but you will also be saving electricity and water every time you use your machine. There is bound to be some good feeling that you gain from that!


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