14 Best Kitchen Chimney in India 2021

Kitchen Chimney

It is said that healthy minds are made in the kitchen. But what makes a healthy kitchen? Due to constant exposure to high fumes and oil in the air, anyone is liable to suffer from breathlessness. Most people would say that there is nothing that can be done; one who cooks has to endure the smoke.

How do I choose a chimney size?

For choosing the right chimney size, the most important measure is the size of your kitchen. A large chimney will look out of place in a small kitchen and a small chimney will not be able to accomplish its task in a large kitchen.

So, if you have a kitchen that is larger than 200 sq ft when taken area-wise, you would do best to choose a 90 cm variant of the chimney. But if you have a kitchen that is less than 200 sq ft when taken area-wise, you should go with the 60 m variant. Additionally, if you use a 6 burner stove, then choose the 90 cm variant otherwise go for the 60 cm one.

Best Kitchen Chimney

Most people would be wrong. Modern chimneys are solving the problem of a closed kitchen. You too can get one for your house. Based on the size and requirement of your kitchen, we have made a list of the best chimneys in the market. Read on to pick the one for your kitchen.

1. Elica 60 cm 1200 m3/hr Auto Clean Chimney with Free Installation Kit

Not just a chimney but also a classy addition to your kitchen. When you think about sophistication, this is what you picture. Elica delivers on all the promises that it has made and the end product is well-deserving of the number one spot on the list.

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The chimney is operated by the touch screen panel and is quite responsive to the number of options that it comes with. You get the installation kit free along with the product. After purchase, you can also request the services of a handyman that would be complimentary from the company.

Now let us move on to the product itself. The suction force that it offers is quite sufficient for a 2 to 4 burner kitchen that is heavy on frying. The curved glass finish complements the look of your kitchen.

The chimney also has an auto-clean feature that leaves you free to attend to cooking while the chimney takes care of itself. The motor comes covered in a 5-year warranty and the other parts have a comprehensive warranty of one year. There is nothing for you to worry about from this product. Easy to operate and fits in every kitchen.

2. Hindware 90cm 1200 m3/hr Auto Clean Chimney with Free Installation Kit

The only chimney on the list comes with a pre-included care package. This one needs a service every 6 months on the use and will be readily provided all over the country by the company. All that you have to do is provide an address and pay for the service.

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Apart from that, there is no need to clean up the chimney; it has an auto-clean feature to take care of minor issues that might spring up along the way. On the instrument panel, it comes with buttons and not a touch panel. But that should not be a problem as the buttons respond well and do not have to be pressed too hard.

The chimney is a quiet one, it does produce noise when switched on but that is not so disturbing as to take the mind off daily activities. The motor and the complete product are covered under a 5 year and a 1-year comprehensive warranty respectively. Any problem that might come up will be dealt with by the company; they will collect the product from you and replace it for the time. Apart from the 90 cm variant, you can also choose to buy the 60 cm variant, it is lighter on the pocket.

3. Elica 60 cm 880 m3/hr Chimney

It is the 60 cm variant of the model that we have listed on the top. But do not look for this one simply because of its size. It is perfectly capable of giving stiff competition to the previous one in this list based on the area under its range. Simply put, this variant is for smaller kitchens that might not have any use of the large 90 cm variant.

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Coming from the same maker, this Elica is every bit as sophisticated as its bigger version. Although, you will find subtle differences that create a distance between the two of them. For starters, this one does not come with a touch panel but rather a button panel. The buttons function smoothly and you should have no difficulty in using them. The suction capacity is not as much as the 90 cm variant.

But that should not be an issue for those kitchens that have an area lesser than 200 sq ft. Anything below the specified limit would be alright. Going by the area mentioned, it can be accommodated perfectly in every modern kitchen.

The next one is the sound level. When in operation, it will not be as silent as to its predecessor but it will not be noisy either. At 58 DB noise, it is almost silent in the kitchen. At the distance of a room away, it should not even come as a problem.

4. Hindware 60cm 1100 m3/hr Chimney

With the Hindware 60cm variant, we are back to the bigger chimneys. If you have a kitchen that goes over 200 sq ft in its area then this is the chimney for you. From frying intensive activities to 6 burners, it can handle pretty much everything with ease.

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The installation is handled by the company when you place the order. They will send their technician to assist you in putting it up. This service is extended to customers all over the country.

If we talk about the product and the after-sale service then you would be happy to know that the after-sale services are just as perfect as the product delivery. One-call assistance is provided and warranty cover is given without any hassle. In operation, the product is a quiet one and does not produce much motor noise. The smaller size is 60, which makes it easier on the pocket too. You can easily fit this product within your monthly expenses. You get a one-year comprehensive warranty on the product and a total of 5 years on the motor.

5. Eurodomo 90 cm 1200 m3/h Auto-Clean Chimney

Eurodomo is perfect for those people who love to make use of maximum features. From touch control to low noise level, to effective suction power, this one chimney is enough to tackle all of it. At the size of 90 cm, it provides one of the best suction in a kitchen of an area greater than 200 sq ft.

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From 2 to 6 burners, it will do just fine with everything. Whether you do deep frying or long hours of cooking, your kitchen will remain fresh smelling, and oil-free. But there is one thing that you need to look out for. Make sure that you are servicing the chimney every 6 months.

The curved glass with a premium black finish provides a nice look to your kitchen. It has a button panel that is quite responsive. Also, the noise level is under the above-mentioned models. This one too is an effective machine and keeps the noise level low.

Even when in operation, it will not be heard outside the kitchen. The warranty over too matches the very best in the line and can be extended further if you think it to be necessary. The company provides pan India services to all its clients.

6. Faber 60 cm 1200 m3/hr Heat Auto Clean Chimney

The Faber 60 cm chimney is a bit high on the tech side than the others on this list. This is mainly because of the number of features that have been provided to the machine. In addition to the touch screen panel that has been given, the Faber 60 m chimney also has a gesture control function that comes in handy when you have to change settings and you are in the middle of preparing a dish.

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That feature alone makes it one of the best things to be had in your kitchen when you cook. Well, it is not. It is cheaper than some of the other variants that you will read about on the list.

It has the same 5 years and a 1-year comprehensive warranty on the product. Though there is no need to get a mandatory service every 6 months, it is suggested that you do. The self-cleaning feature can get you only so far when it comes to taking care in the long term. The chimney is on the smaller side of the scale. It will function well for any kitchen with 2 to 4 burners. It is your above-average 60 cm chimney.

7. Elica 60 cm 1220 m3/hr Chimney with Free Installation Kit

One of the most technically sound chimneys on this list and to back that claim, the makers, Elica have provided a 15-year warranty to the user. This is in addition to the 1-year comprehensive warranty under which the product is covered.

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It is a small chimney though and will function best in a small kitchen having 2 to 4 burners. Anything over that will not lead to optimum performance. Also, if the area of your kitchen is more than 20 sq ft then you might do well with a bigger alternative.

But if your kitchen comes within those parameters then this is the product for you. From being energy efficient to being low on noise, it will work well with heavy frying oriented kitchens too. The total cost is not outside the average budget of a household. If you are looking to have some updates to your kitchen then this is the way for you. With pan India overage, you will have no difficulty in availing of the post-sale support from the company.

8. Inalsa 60cm, 900 m³/hr Kitchen Chimney Enya 60BKBF With Stainless Steel Baffle Filter

Backed by a lifetime warranty you will not have to worry about the chimney even when you are years into use. The best thing is that all of this is included in the MRP of the product ad you do not have to pay additionally for anything.

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The lifetime warranty is the confidence of the company in the product. Such is the service record that it has become of the best selling products on this list. However, there is one downside to the chimney.

It is not as quiet as the others on this list. At 65 dB noise level, it is a tad bit louder than what the others boast of. In such a situation, it is only the quality of the chimney that is going to salvage it. And the salvation it provides! With a 60 cm as the default variant, it fits in perfectly in even the larger kitchens. Even if you are over the 200 sq ft area, you would find that it filters the oil perfectly. There is a push-button control system that is responsive and energy-efficient.

9. Glen 6071 EX Black Curved Glass Kitchen Chimney 60cm, Airflow 1000 m3/h

Italian technology imported for you. The Glen 6071 EX is one of its kind and unparalleled in operation and efficiency. When it comes to establishing a baseline for performance, then this is the machine to beat.

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What sets it apart from the others in the fray is the fact that it is comparatively smaller in size and is yet able to deliver a sizeable amount of power for suction. Moreover, it also has two lamps built into the chimney to help illuminate the cooking platform. These features add value to the product.

That’s Italian efficiency for you! When it comes to the design, the sleek black finish is the icing on the cake for the user.

The panel has buttons as opposed to the touch panel found on most. They are efficient and easy to use. Having push buttons saves electricity costs in total. The product comes with a lifetime warranty but there are no instances when you will have to make use of it. Just like the one above it, the lifetime warranty goes to show the confidence of the product manufacturer.

10. Hindware 60cm 1200 m3/hr Auto Clean Chimney with Free Installation Kit

Hindware is famous for making products that fit perfectly in the middle-class man’s budget and this one is no different. When it comes to establishing benchmarks for quality, the 60 cm chimney is the best.

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It works so nicely because it fits into the maximum number of households and is based on the 2 to 4 burner model. By making a simple adjustment, Hindware has been able to target a large number of households and increase its popularity.

The control panel features a button system. It responds well and lasts well beyond the five year warranty period. The motor is covered through all the five years and it is unlikely that it will develop faults within that period.

Even after your warranty is over, you will have no difficulty in dealing with the minor issues that come up. The company provides one-all assistance to its customers through the length and breadth of the country. It has an auto-clean feature and a glass finish.

11. SUNFLAME 90cm 1100 m3/hr Auto Clean Chimney

With this, we return to the larger 90 cm models. They are perfect for larger kitchens. Sunflame will sit in perfectly if you have a kitchen that is more than 200 sq ft of area. The suction force provided is good and it has no difficulty in getting rid of the excessive oil during frying sessions.

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It has the dual options of a baffle filter and a charcoal filter. The charcoal filter is for kitchens that do not have an open vent and the baffle filter is for getting rid of oil during auto lean, though the presence of a baffle filter means that you have to schedule a service every six months.

There is a 2 years warranty on the product that is all-inclusive. Any issues that might come up during this time will be dealt with readily by the company without any extra cost. Be it the motor of the chimney or the control panel, everything is included in the warranty.

The control panel is a touch-based system that is well lit and can be read even directly under the light. The noise level when in operation is a bit high than most other options on this list. At 62 dB noise level, it will not be called noisy but the other options offer far less in their range. The color option is a steel/grey combination.

12. Felixe Auto Clean Kitchen Chimney Diamond – 60 cm (2 Ft) Curved Glass

Baffle filters work wonders on this one. You will have immediate suction when you switch it on. Even when you are cooking, you will not feel any smoke or oil in your lungs as long as it is switched on. All this is courtesy of a 3-speed motor that is built neatly into its frame.

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It provides the additional power that is needed to get the job done. Coming with a six feet long pipe for exhaust, you can adjust it according to your requirement for an outlet. Until the time for service comes, you can clean it with the help of the one-button auto clean option.

Just like the one we have mentioned above, it has got LED lights integrated into its design to provide additional support during the time you cook. It lights up the area nicely to provide a clear view of the food. The control panel is a touch-based system that is easy to control and well responsive.

The display is an LED section that makes it easy to read even indirect light. It will need servicing once every 6 months. The company takes care of it through its all India coverage. At the cost of one all, you can schedule your maintenance call and register your complaints. All this is in addition to the assistance that you are provided with at the time of the purchase.

13. Eurodomo 60 cm 1050 m3/h Chimney

This is a smaller version at 60 cm. Built with a baffle filter; it is the perfect fit for Indian Kitchens. The baffle filter comes in as handy when you have no exit or outlet for your kitchen; it cleans nicely and will need to be serviced once every 6 months.

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Until that time, the chimney will clean itself with the auto-clean function. The instrument panel is well built with the support of a button-based control system. There are also LED lights that make it easier to cook in dim lights. Keeping the glare away from your eyes, the tempered glass finishing has a nice touch to it.

The noise level is also low with a 58db noise when it is in operation. Even when you stand in the kitchen, you will not hear the sound of it and at a distance of 10 feet, it is almost inaudible.

The motor has been extremely well built to support the long hours of use and this fact is backed by the 5-year warranty on it. Apart from it, the product also has a 1-year composite warranty that covers everything in the chimney. In case you have some problem with the use of or the installation of the chimney then you can place a call to the service entrance. The company provided a pan India service to its client base.

14. Seavy 60cm 1200 m3/hr Auto Clean Chimney with Free Installation Kit

One of the most complete offers that we have on the list is this one. Be it pre-sales or post-sale, you will have absolutely no difficulty in communicating with the company over anything. The company provides doorstep resolutions to your queries.

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The warranty service is extended to customers all over the country and anyone who wants to have a replacement will just have to make a call. The company resolves the issue within the next 48 working hours. All this is backed by an effective performance by the chimney. In case of any faults, the product will be freely serviced under the 5 year and 1-year comprehensive warranty.

The auto-clean technology is also something that is a bit of a marvel here. It is much more efficient than what you would find in the others. At just the touch of a single button, you will be able to get rid of all the excessive oil in the vent.

This comes in especially handy when you are trying to keep the cost of maintenance down after purchase. Every six months you would have to get the chimney serviced. This proves quite instrumental in elongating the life of the machine. Furthermore, the chimney tries to save electricity with the help of its efficient LED light display.


How do I choose chimney suction?

When it comes to choosing the suction of a chimney, the best measure is the amount of frying you are going to do in your kitchen. Even if you have a large kitchen but you do not cook often or in large quantities, a moderate suction will get the job done for you.

Not only will it prove enough but it would also conserve on the power that it consumes. On the other hand, if you plan on doing a lot of cooking and frying in your kitchen then you should go with the use of more powerful suction. It will help in cleaning the oil out of the exhaust and the kitchen.

Is auto clean chimney better?

Yes, an auto clean chimney is a lot better than the one which you would have to clean manually. In the auto clean chimney, all that you have to do is push a button and the chimney will take care of the rest. It helps extend the life of the machine and saves up on the total cost of service.

With regular cleaning, malfunctioning inside the motor has a relatively slim chance. Additionally, as the filters will be clean all the time, the chimney will do a better job in your kitchen. Oil and other fumes will not accumulate and block the baffle filter inside the chimney.


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