12 Best Double Door Refrigerator In India 2021

Double Door Refrigerator

In Summer, winter, autumn, or spring, refrigerators are a must in most Indian households. Though needed to keep things cool and fresh, a refrigerator is a common appliance that’s in use all year round. In fact, it’s a commodity that finds a place in even professional spots like offices. But do you know which refrigerator will be best for your requirements?

The key to a buying decision is information. You must know all about the different types of refrigerators available in the market. The pros and cons of their types, in addition to your own storage needs, etc.

Thus, apart from the usual look and feel, you must also consider the capacity, dimensions, brand, and style of a refrigerator before reaching a decision.

This page will help you loads with your refrigerating dilemmas. Just have a quick read through this buyers guide, and you’ll have the right answers to all your questions.

But, if you are planning to replace your old refrigerator, one possible question in your mind will be whether you need to buy a single door refrigerator or a double door one. Let’s see!

The Best Double Door Refrigerators in India:

Moreover, the double door ones are more in demand due to their efficiency, and more and more brands are bringing better and better variants in this category. If you are looking for a new fridge, I suggest that you go for the double door. And to further ease your search, I have listed the top double door models from various brands, available in India.

1. LG 260 L 4 Star Refrigerator (GL-I292RPZL.APZZEBN)

The LG 260 L 4 Star Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator is quite a piece of beauty in any home. This power-packed refrigerator is spot on when it comes to precision and performance. The most outstanding feature is its Smart Inverter Compressor, that’ll keep your food items fresh and without much noise. Plus, the 260 Litre capacity is suitable for small families and bachelors.

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Its multi airflow cooling vents have been strategically placed so that cool air spreads in all the corners of its interior. The ice Beam Door Cooling Technology maintains the temperature on the door side.

This LG refrigerator will also be a boon for your energy-saving goals. Plus it also comes with Smart Diagnosis System that can help you in diagnosing and solving the problems in a very intelligent manner.

The Auto Smart Connect feature can connect your fridge to the home inverter whenever power failure occurs. This 260 L LG fridge is aptly designed for saving up to 48% power. LG really has the magic of making your life good.

2. Samsung 324 L 3 Star Inverter Refrigerator (RT34M5538S8/HL)

The Samsung 324 L 3 Star Refridgerator is another great buy for your kitchen space. Laced with an elegant minimalist design, it looks sleek and opulent for all kinds of kitchens. On top, the elegant digital display adds a dash of sophistication. In case you open your fridge frequently, you can keep delicate items like dairy and cooked meals in the Fresh compartment.

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It’s auto-defrost prevents ice build-up in the fridge. While the 324 L capacity is fit for smaller families. Anyhow the best technology that it offers is the convertibility of a freezer into a refrigerator, that too in five different modes. So next time you have guests or hosting a party, you can use the extra space to conveniently store the eatables.

The Twin Cooling spreads evenly in all directions and preserves the freshness of food with up to 70% humidity. It also features toughened glass, door alarm, power cool, deodorizer, digital inverter technology, and much more.

3. Haier 258 L 3 Star (HEF-25TDS)

The 3 Star, Haier 258 L double door refrigerator is quite a stunner with its dazzle steel outlook. Suitable for two or three members, its twin energy saving modes are much needed to curtail huge power bills. In fact, you can reduce the power consumption by up to 15% and 30%, with the two respective modes.

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Since it is a convertible type, you can switch to and from freezer and refrigerator zones in just 50 minutes. So additional space is always available. The Turbo Icing Technology speeds up the icing process, almost twice as normal. The twist ice maker is easy to use and clean. Since the ice tray is removable, you can also use the extra space to accommodate other articles.

The Toughened Glass shelves are break-resistant and are designed to bear the weight of heavy items too. This product also comes with a warranty of a year on the product and ten years on the compressor.

4. Whirlpool 245 L 2 Star Refrigerator (Neo FR258 CLS Plus)

The galaxy steel color of the 245 L 2 Star double door refrigerator by Whirlpool makes this product look classy. It is also one of the best options for small families. Whirlpool is an American brand that claims to deliver up to 12 days of the freshness of food in this product. For this, it uses the Microblock technology and Freshonizer. Microblock technology is a novel addition, which can help prevent 99% of bacteria.

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The airflow has been scientifically designed for a 360-degree circulation, and thus uniform cooling. The freezer has been equipped with a unique chilling gel that retains the cool air in inside the freezer even after the power goes off. The Vegetable crisper has been given a honeycomb design which is capable of locking in the moisture of the food products.

Besides, in summer you will no longer have to bother about the shortage of cold water, as this refrigerator by Whirlpool can cool up to 40% faster

5. Samsung 253L 3 Star (RT28N3923R8/HL)

Add some more colour to your kitchen with this beautiful floral print Samsung 253L double door refrigerator. The shelves are made of tempered glass, and it is also laced with a digital LED display. If you often face a lack of storage space, especially when you have guests at home, you can easily increase it.

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This is possible as this refrigerator by Samsung is a Convertible type, and you can stock your veggies even in the freezer compartment, without freezing them to decay. The ice maker tray is twist type, and you can collect the ice cubes in the container underneath it. And when you need to refill it, just take out the tray, refill with water and place it back.

Another awesome feature is the rapid cooling, by its Power Cool, which is available in both the fridge and freezer compartments. This intelligent product will also alert you with an alarm if its door is left open. Buy this refrigerator to retain the freshness of food, for long.

6. Godrej 236 L 2 Star Refrigerator (RF GF 2362PTH Scr Drmn)

This frost-free double door refrigerator by Godrej will be a beautiful addition to your kitchen and home. It is also a star performer when it comes to energy-saving and keeping food fresh. The doors are equipped with anti-bacterial gaskets that’s keep your food germ free. Plus, since it’s removable you can clean it anytime.

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The Toughened Glass shelves are break-resistant and are solid for holding a load of up to 150 kg. The Quick Access box has sufficient capacity to fill in with your weekly vegetable stock. The Godrej double door refrigerator also has a unique carbon palladium deodorizer. This deodorizer helps in removing the unwanted odor from the interiors and hence keeps the items fresh.

The clear view lamp makes it easy to view the items even when the room lights are off. Above all, the floral print is a crisp design that will enhance the charm of your lovely kitchen.

7. Samsung 253 L 4 Star Double Door Refrigerator (RT28M3424S8/HL)

The Samsung 253 L 4 Star Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator has a super sleek outlook. The Inverter Compressor makes sure that there’s less noise but more freshness. The Elegant Inox design makes it pro when it comes to attracting attention.

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The sophisticated digital display has multiple feature settings, right at your fingertips. On top, the recessed handles and hidden hinges, add to the smartness of its aspects. The Power Cool can shill your food, faster than ever. So if you have just prepared some fresh pudding, just place it in for a few minutes, and you’ll have it chilled for a great summer dessert.

The easy-slide shelves are easy to remove and clean, and so is the anti-bacterial gasket. Moreover, this Samsung double door refrigerator does not need a  stabilizer and can detect and prevent possible electrical damages. Smart Connect Inverter, Digital Inverter Technology, Led Lighting, etc, are some other smart features.

8. Samsung 275 L 3 Star Refrigerator (RT30M3043UT)

Yes, another refrigerator by Samsung! Samsung 275 L 3 Star Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator is a must buy. The Pebble blue colour looks spot on and gives the perfect steel outlook. Besides its recessed handles are another reason for its smart appearance.

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Moreover, the Inverter Compressor and Digital Inverter Technology make it the perfect fit for all kinds of homes.  The smart LED lighting is another power saver. And it is also Stabilizer free and auto-adjusts to the electrical fluctuations if any. The toughened glass is a tough nut to crack.

If summer months mean a shortage of cold drinking water, you must definitely buy this fridge, as its huge bottle guard can store even large size bottles, with ease. Plus, the cooling vents are strategically placed for an even cooling in all corners and of course the middle. As a result, your food stays fresh for long, and your power bill will also not shoot up.

9. Haier 258 L Refrigerator (HEF-25TGS)

The Haier 258 L 3 Star Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator comes in nice steel grey or moon silver colour. The swift convertible refrigerator is a great deal of ease when it comes to adding to storage space, as and when needed. And all it takes is 50 minutes.

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The Turbo icing technology is another top-notch feature that it contains. So you can freeze your ice at super fast speed. Haier refrigerator also has double energy saving modes, which can save up to 30% of power consumption. It also has a Tower LED lighting system, which provides effective lighting all the time.

The adjustable feet, vegetable crispers, and twist ice maker are some other noteworthy features of this product. Besides, the PCM door finish of this double door refrigerator looks quite elegant and the best fit for modern-day kitchens. And it will take is a swipe of cloth for it to stay clean.

10. Whirlpool 245 L 2 Star Refrigerator (NEO FR258 CLS PLUS)

The 245 L 2 Star Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator by Whirlpool is another stunner for modern homes. The wine fiesta model stars a wine colour with smart prints that will make you say wow. Further, the 6th Sense Deep Freeze Technology makes cooling super fast and easy, along with consuming minimal power.

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The airflow vents are strategically placed to allow for all-round circulations and cooling. It also removes unwanted odours and keeps everything clean. To state some facts, you can experience up to 40 % faster bottle cooling and 50% faster ice making.

On top, this refrigerator by Whirlpool can retain the coolness of the interiors up to 3 times better, in case of a power cut. Its Microblock technology prevents the germ and bacterial buildup and hence holds the decay of fruits and vegetables.

11. Godrej 261 L 3 Star Refrigerator (RT EON 261 P 3.4)

You’ll surely fall in love with the pink flowers on the silver-grey metallic backdrop of the Godrej 261 L 3 Star Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator. As good as it looks it also has intelligent operation capability. This product is absolutely free of CFC and HCFCs, so you’ll be buying a green product.

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The 2.5 L Bottle Shelf has been furnished with a Metal Retainer so that your bottles don’t stir when you open the refrigerator door. The 34-liter capacity vegetable box is also what most homemakers will be fond of. In case you have to store packaged items, the suspenders of the door will come in handy to hang the packets.

The best feature, however, is the ZOP (Zinc Oxide Protection) Technology, which prevents the refrigerator body from rusting. The bright LED lights illuminate the interiors in one of the most efficient ways.

12. Samsung 345 L 3 Star Inverter Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator

Samsung 345 L 3 Star Inverter Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator is the last but not the least contender in our list of best double door refrigerators in India. This capacity is the best fit for even larger families of four to five members. It has a sleek and easy to use a digital display that makes changing settings a quick task.

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It’s Twin Cooling Plus feature cools the interiors in the most optimal manner. Plus the freshness of the food items stays for long and without any stench. This happens since this double door refrigerator by Samsung, maintains around 70% of humidity, in comparison to the 30% humidity in conventional refrigerators.

Thus frozen or not, all the cooked and uncooked food remains fresh and healthy to eat. It also has five in one Smart Convertible, so you can convert your freezer into five different modes of refrigeration. So you’ll never run out of storage space with this refrigerator.

Which is the best fridge, double door or single?

Needless to say, a single door refrigerator has one door, while a double door refrigerator has two. But what sets them apart is, how having a single or double door effect the efficiency of a refrigerator.

The most common problem associated with single door types is that whenever you open the door, the freezer compartment also loses some cooling, though not even needed. This might increase the pressure upon the fridge motor to maintain the cooling.

To resolve this problem, double door refrigerators came into being. But, that’s not all, there are a few more points of difference you must consider. So here are a few points of difference between the two variants, for you to have a better look at them.


Single door refrigerators usually have a capacity of around 50 to 250 litres. On the other hand, the double door refrigerators have higher capacities, of around 235 litres to 495 litres.

Thus, if you need more storage space, you’ll have to go for the double door fridge. Consequently, while single door refrigerators can work for small families, double door type will suit big families better.


After capacity, comes the dimensions. This is one important aspect to be considered, as you shouldn’t buy a product that doesn’t fit in the space you have set aside for it. Usually, the single door refrigerators consume less space than the double door ones.

Often when families buy large refrigerators, they end up placing them in their bedrooms, dining area, or the living room itself. You have any such spacing constraints, make sure that you choose a product, that fits in the appropriate area.

Freezer Size

Single door refrigerators have smaller freezers in comparison to double door. In case you are fond of ready to eat food, like that from McCain or nonvegetarian dishes, you will need a double door fridge for storing the food in the freezer.

Floor Space

Both variants usually occupy a similar amount of floor space. The difference if any is minor and majorly there is in height.

Shelf Space

Single door refrigerator shelves are not suitable for bulkier containers. While this is not a problem with double door ones.

Power Consumption

As visible from the size and capacity, single door refrigerators consume less power than double door refrigerators. However, with efficient energy ratings, even big refrigerators are increasingly consuming less power.


As discussed earlier, a single door fridge needs to be opened more frequently, whether you need to access the refrigerator section or the freezer section. Gradually, the overall temperature of the whole refrigerator falls down drastically.

For which it is going to consume more power to bring the cooling to the required temperature. Now, here it becomes debatable that if single door fridge consumes more power or the double door. However, the latest double door fridges have a 3-star rating or above, which means that they will not shoot up your electricity bill.

So overall, if you have gone through the points, you can culminate that the double door refrigerator is more convenient with respect to cooling, capacity, and even power consumption. Besides, you will not have to open the freezer compartment unnecessarily, as it is not required frequently, like the refrigerator section.

FAQ’s For Buying Refrigerators:

Here are a few frequently asked questions, that pop up in the minds of most customers who are looking to buy refrigerators. Have a look, as you may get answers to some of your queries as well.

What’s the most reliable refrigerator brand?

Samsung can be ranked as one of the most reliable refrigerator brands in India. They provide at least two years of warranty on their refrigerators. Moreover, their customer care services are also robust and efficient as well.

Hence, by choosing a product from trusted international brands like this, you’ll always have help at hand whenever you need it. Also, the refrigerators from Samsung are energy efficient which is again another reason to choose their product. Further, installing their products at your home by yourself is just a piece of cake.

Freezer at the top or bottom?

The location of the freezer is another confusing variation available in the market. Although traditionally the freezers are located at the top, a freezer at the bottom is more efficient.

Since keeping it in the bottom and interchanging the position of the vegetable box will instantly make your fridge more accessible.

As the most used vegetable box will be easily available. Moreover, you won’t have to bend each time you need a veggie from your fridge.

What is the ideal cooling temperature for the refrigerator?

Understanding that perfect cooling temperature which will Preserve your food without freezing might be a little tricky. The ideal cooling temperature for your refrigerator should be something in between 35 to 38-degree Fahrenheit.

If you set the cooling temperature of your fridge any higher than that, your food might not get preserved properly. Also with extreme cooling, you might end up freezing your Matar paneer.

Why do a few refrigerators don’t need stabilizers?

Few refrigerators don’t require stabilizers. As nowadays most refrigerators come with inbuilt stabilizer circuits to handle voltage fluctuations. As long as you don’t face major voltage fluctuations you don’t have to install a stabilizer.

Although if your area faces major voltage issues then having a stabilizer might help in maintaining a constant voltage and aid your fridge in working efficiently.

But that’s hardly a problem these days. Besides, the refrigerators with built-in stabilizers can auto disconnect whenever an electricity fluctuation occurs.

What is Deepfreeze technology? Do I need it?

Deepfreeze technology is an amazing technology that enables rapid cooling. This feature cools down your food faster and preserves them in a better way than freezing refrigerators. Moreover, with deep freeze technology, your food will retain its nutritional value and original texture.

Further, deep fridge technology will also help in keeping your food fresh as it prevents bacteria buildup without interfering with the natural flavors. In easier words with deep fridge refrigerators, your daal won’t smell like the adjacent raita anymore. Hence it is one of the must-have technology for healthier and hygienic food storage.

How often should I clean my fridge?

Cleaning your fridge is a necessary thing to maintain its hygiene. With a dirty and ill-maintained fridge, you might end up affecting foods stored in it. As the odor might penetrate into your freshly cooked meals. Therefore cleaning your fridge once a month is necessary.

You can clean your refrigerator easily with the help of a mild detergent. To clean your refrigerator take out the foods stored in it and wash the shelves and vegetable box separately.

Also, wipe up the insides of your fridge with a good cleaner and let it dry before using. With constant cleaning and maintenance, you can easily retain your fridge’s efficiency and durability.


Now since you are equipped with all the tidbits of the best double door refrigerators available in India, buying a great refrigerator would be a no brainer. Moreover, double door refrigerators have innovative technology to save energy and aid in preserving food.

A good and efficient refrigerator is a long-term investment and a necessary addition to your kitchen. Further, with a double door refrigerator, you can bid farewell to your cooling and storage complaints and store your meals hygienic environment as well.


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