15 Best Convection Microwave Ovens in India 2020


Innovation and Advancement in technology are forwarded for various purposes. Some relate to curing diseases, some facilitate more productivity, and some are done at an individual’s convenience.

Starting out these microwave ovens were only used to heat things up. It can be the leftovers or the pizza that you didn’t eat last night or even if you want to heat your coffee (for the 2nd time).

With time various amazing features were added to them only to allow the end consumer gets the most out of his experience. And that is why today we have microwave ovens with turntables, cooking facilities, timers, and whatnot.

But with all these innovative features, it becomes difficult for you as a consumer to choose the right microwave oven. Hence, here we are, once again to help you make an informed choice and help you get the most out of your microwave oven.

We will be covering topics like budget, size, type, features, and durability along with some FAQs that will clear things up for you. So, let’s begin:

Best Convection Microwave Ovens

So here are the top fifteen microwave ovens in India. Just go through the list and pick the one that best fits your requirements.

1. LG 32 L (MC3286BRUM)

LG’s 32 Litre convection microwave oven is a class apart when it comes to your cooking needs. It’s suitable for large families, and you can use it for baking, reheating, defrosting, grilling, many other functions. Besides, if you are a naive chef LG will give you a starter kit as well.

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The buttons and dials are completely easy to use and durable. So from Naans to Tandoori Rotis, you can make it all with easy menu options. This oven will bring along a year of product warranty.

Some special features of this convection oven are that it comes laced with more than 200 auto cook menu options for Indian cuisines. With tact dial, paneer, curd, dosa, etc, being some of the examples. So you can fully immerse in the experience of cooking and preparing delicious delicacies with your partner oven.

2. IFB 30 L (30BRC2, Black)

The IFB 30 L convection oven is perfect for large families. It’s super easy to touch keypad makes using this oven a breeze. With 101 auto cook menu options, Rotisserie (rotating grill) type convection, and features like auto reheat, defrost, etc, this is a great buy. With this oven, you may now add barbeques to your weekend menu with absolute ease.

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Apart from these, it is also laced with ten power levels and protection against sensor malfunction and overheating, IFB has focused on safety aspects. You can also ferment bread, sterilize baby feeders, defrost food, and make your life easier than ever. You can also advance-program your meals and it will be ready at the right time.

3. Samsung 28 L (CE1041DSB2/TL, Black)

Samsung 28 L convection microwave oven is a beauty that is a must in every kitchen. Its beautiful black body and LED display, encloses a Quartz convection heater. It has six power levels and a temperature range of 40 to 200-degree Celsius. The hassle-free operations make it easy to use by all age groups.

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Cakes are passe, as with this oven you can also make rotis and naans, with a single button press. With the help of the recipe book, you can make a new delight every other day. It has a warranty period of one year on the product and five years on the magnetron. Besides, Samsung is one of the most trusted brands in India, so you can expect smooth experience in the kitchen.

4. LG 28 L (MC2886BRUM, Black)

The 28-liter convection microwave oven by LG can actually make your life good. That’s because it has a whopping 251 auto cook options coupled with 175 Indian recipes. So cooking is no more a hard business with this equipment in your kitchen. The machinery, buttons, etc are also of immense quality and thus durable.

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If you are health conscious, you can also prepare dishes with minimal oil. Besides, you can pasteurize milk and kill bacteria, without having to stand at the cooking range, to avoid the spillover. Talking about rotis, the mandatory dish of most Indian homes, this LG oven contains 12 different styles. So, lachha paratha, missi roti or simple naan, it will be ready at your finger clicks.

5. Morphy Richards 25 L (25 CG with 200 ACM, Silver)

The 25 L convection microwave oven by Morphy Richards is another great buying option. It has three level multi-tasking, premium convection, grilling functions, and mirror door finish. Also, Morphy Richards extends a comprehensive warranty of 2 years. The different power levels make it easy to cook different kinds of dishes easily. Besides, you’ll be powered with pre-programmed cooking options, so your dinner will be just a few clicks away.

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Its stainless steel cavity enhances its ability to cook food faster and uniformly. And if you have kids at home, the child lock will come in handy. While for heating pre-cooked food the auto-defrost options will freshen up your food quite authentically. In addition, its excellent external finish makes it a beauty worth having in your kitchen.

6. IFB 23 L (23BC4, Black+Floral Design)

The 23 L IFB convection microwave oven has a lovely floral design. But baking grilling, defrosting or cooking, it works as smooth as a cake. Its touch keypad is easy to use and maintain. While it has steam clean features for auto clean, it also has a deodorized option. The 71 pre-existing cooking menu options are a great help if you are new to cooking with an oven.

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The stainless steel cooking boosts the cooking speed and this oven is protected against any sensor malfunctions. The disinfect feature will be helpful to sterilize important utensils, like baby feeder bottles. Plus, you can also cook in more than one mode, at once. IFB extends a year of warranty on the product and three years on the cavity and the Magnetron. Therefore, this convection oven is a must-have!

7. Samsung 21 L (CE73JD-B/XTL, Black)

Samsung’s 21 L convection microwave oven is another show-stealer. It has a ceramic enamel cavity and an advanced TDS (Triple distribution system) that heats the food evenly. The cavity is also easy to clean, and don’t worry about any discoloration. The power defrosts warms up your food, quickly and evenly. To give an example, you can defrost chicken and fish in around two minutes only.

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The keep-warm features, keeps your dishes warm, while you warm up with your guests. Another awesome feature is that the cavity and the external finish are both highly scratch resistant. So your oven will look as good as new for a very long time. The full glass lid is eye candy, for sure.

8. IFB 20 L (20SC2, Metallic Silver)

Brace yourself to recreate your favorite restaurant’s delight at home and impress your family to the core, with IFB’s 20 L microwave oven. This size will work better for bachelors and small families. With the convection feature, you can use this oven to bake, cook, heat, grill, defrost, etc. The touch keypad works amazingly and is easy to use and maintain.

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You can also choose from 24 auto cooking options, whenever you are in a hurry or need to save on time. Additionally, the three warranty period for the magnetron and cavity means, stress-free time with respect to maintenance. The digital display is easy to read, so young or old, it’s easy for everyone in the family to use.

9. BPL 25 L (BPLMW25CIG, Black)

The black 25 L BPL microwave oven is a chef’s delight in most households. It does its magic by its different features that can coo, defrost, grill or heat food with absolute perfection. It has 900 watts power and is a 220 volts appliance. Plus, the size allows you to cook for everyone at once. The complementary recipe book will be of great help for first-time users.

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This microwave oven comes fitted with a stainless steel cavity, so the heating is super fast, and so is the cleaning. The smart power selections can be used to pick the most optimal settings for precisely cooked food. Besides, it will also help you save on power consumption. Designed and manufactured in India, this oven is specifically built for Indian kitchen needs.

10. IFB 30 L (30FRC2, Floral Pattern)

Add some more grace to your kitchen with the 30 L IFB convection microwave oven, thanks to its floral design. The perfectly planned 101 preset cooking menu options will help you be the master chef at home. Thus, you can also flaunt around your cooking skills, without spilling the secret out.

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Chicken kebabs, or curry, you can cook whatever you want, anytime. The motorized rotisserie makes sure that the meal is heated evenly from every direction. Like most other ovens, you will also get the features of defrosting, disinfectant, delay start, child lock, etc. IFB extends the warranty of one year for the product and three years on the magnetron and cavity, respectively.

11. Bosch 28 L (HMB45C453X, Stainless Steel and Black)

A smart appliance by a smart brand, Bosch 28 L microwave oven is what your kitchen deserves. The seven modes of cooking make cooking a breeze. While it’s noteworthy feature is its FryLite function, which can help you cook food with the least possible amount of oil. Thus, this is a great plus for health-conscious people.

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As if that was not enough, Bosch also provides a free Borosil container with the purchase of this oven. Trust me, these Borosil containers are all-purpose, from cooking in the oven to serving the guests. Furthermore, the add ons like the baking tray, grills, etc, make you all equipped to start cooking.

12. Panasonic 27 L (NN-CT645BFDG, Black)

The 27 L microwave convection oven by Panasonic also an easy on pocket option. Besides, the oven, you will also get a serving dish, idli stand, steamer, measuring spatula and container. While the cooking book that comes along will be your favorite. So, this stylish appliance is a beauty with brains and will meet most of your cooking and heating needs.

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Feel like eating grilled potato or a pizza, you will no longer need to go out to a restaurant or order online, as your cooking mate is up and ready for every dish you wish to cook. The defrosting and heating work fully efficiently, and cleaning is easy. This oven by Panasonic is surely a value for money product.

13. Morphy Richards 23 L (23MCG, Black)

Morphy Richards is another great brand to rely upon. The 23 L convection microwave oven by Morphy Richards has a pure black external finish. This size makes it the best buy for small families and bachelors. The control touchpad is easy to understand and use. While the child lock adds a safety plus if you have kids at home.

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It brings along a two-year warranty that covers the entire product comprehensively. You can also choose from five different levels of power, so you can ensure that your food is perfectly cooked, while your power is also not wasted. Not just that, the auto cook menus are great time savers, while you cook mouth-watering dishes.

14. Godrej 20 L GMX 20 CA5 MLZ, Silver

The Godrej 20 L Convection Microwave is best for a small family and solo usage. With the 20L capacity, you can this oven for baking, grilling, heating, defrosting and cooking. A bachelor’s best friend the Godrej microwave oven comes with a guarantee of 1-year product warranty and a   magnetron warranty. The Tactile panel is best for rough and everyday use, plus the floral print on the front window adds a glamorous look to it.

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Made with the dual technology of microwave and convection this oven is made for quick and effective cooking. You can also pre-define the whole course of dish preparation and allow for automatic progression to the next stage of cooking.

15. Whirlpool 20 L (Magicook Elite-20L, Elite Black)

Oil is the bane of all the health diseases and it is a good thing that the Whirlpool 20 L Convection Microwave uses zero oil for cooking. It smart air fryer system will help you cook the food with speed and efficiency. Made for the Indian kitchens this microwave oven has a set of 6 programs (called magic menus) that will let you prepare different types of food by only pressing one button.

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If that’s not all, you can also go for combi cooking whereby heating and grilling can be done at the same time. It is also embedded with automatic cooking sequences that will help you prepare your food with precision and allowing for the best kind of taste overall.

Which Type of Microwave Oven is best for my kitchen?

Let’s begin with the type of microwave oven that is suitable for your kitchen. Majorly, there are three types of microwave ovens available in the market. These are Solo, Grill, and Convection.

Solo microwave ovens are the initial range of ovens. These are the most basic ones and are best for reheating and simple cooking.  Solo microwave ovens are useful if you are living alone or are living among friends. But, for a nuclear or a joint family, these types of ovens are not a smart choice.

Next up is a grill oven which has an added (you guessed it) a grill that helps in grilling vegetables or cheese. Plus, you can also use this type of oven for roasting purposes and for toasting. This means that the Grill Microwave ovens can serve the dual purposes of reheating, a few types of cooking, and grilling.

Lastly, there are convection ovens which are built with such a technology that it first allows for the circulation of heat inside the oven in an efficient manner. This circulation of heat allows for even distribution of heat into the food item kept in the oven. Plus, convection ovens can also bake and heat the food quickly.

There is however a caveat, you cannot eat pizza in a solo or grill microwave oven. Only the convection microwave ovens have the ability to heat your pizza, we know it’s a bummer, but this is the truth.

How about the Size and Power usage? How can I decide what is best for me?

Well, this is something that depends on a number of variables. These are:

  • Family size
  • Usage
  • Type of food you normally heat
  • Availability of power source

So, as we have said before, for small family size, 15 to 20 liters of microwave oven is sufficient and it can also heat up all sorts of food depending on the type of technology you oven works with (solo, grill, or convection).

But if you have a family of more than 5 who uses the microwave oven frequently, then it is better to buy the one which has a higher capacity plus can generate more amount of heat.

Also, you cannot heat every food item in all the types of ovens that are available. For instance, solo and grill ovens don’t heat your cakes, bread, and other such items. Consequently, you cannot heat or bake the grill items in a solo microwave.

Therefore, the difference lies in your terms of usage too.

If you have a large family and also live with a pet, make sure to buy a large size microwave oven, with a capacity of 30 liters or more.

What Kinds of features should I look for in my oven?

Before we move ahead, understand that the features and facilities vary across the whole range of microwaves that are available in the market.

Different microwave brands in India like Samsung, IFB, LG, Morphy Richards, and many more provide a whole range of features. Some are patented and others are available in all types of microwave ovens.

So, there will be some features unique to one microwave oven which will be absent in the other. So, we are listing down various types of features that you will find in the best microwave ovens to help you navigate your research in the right direction.

Automatic Cooking

You will find this feature in almost all of the top range microwave ovens whereby you only need to select one mode for cooking. Rest all is taken care of by the oven itself.

It will set the temperature and timer and provide you with the best results. Before buying you can either ask the representative or check yourself what types of cooking modes on the microwave oven.

Child Safety Lock

As far as the Indian customers go, the majority of us have counter-top ovens. This means that anyone who can reach the oven door can open it. That is it is imperative to have a child lock safety feature on your microwave oven.

It will protect your child from exposure to alarming amounts of heat generated by the ovens. It is truly said that prevention is always better than a cure. So, be cautious and make a smart choice by going for a microwave oven with this feature.

Grills or Rotisserie

Grilling meat items and other non-vegetarian items is easily done in the ovens which have the Rotisserie feature. Not only the meat items, but these grills are also best used for cheese and vegetables.


It has not been so long that a trend of eating pre-made frozen food items has become popular in the country. Especially the non-vegetarian food items. They are easy to prepare and have the same taste preserved with ice as you will get with the non-frozen fresh food items.

A microwave’s role in this is that it helps in melting down or thawing as it may be called the frozen foods. Without this feature, you will have to wait for the frozen food to that at room temperature and this may take some time.

So, a microwave oven is a better choice to better option to bring down the temperature and make the item all soft and smushy. But, you won’t have to look for this feature, because it is present in all types of microwave ovens by default.


The basic purpose of providing the preheat feature in the oven is so that they may consume less power. You must know that cakes and other bakery items need more time and effort for preparation. That is why the ovens are embedded with a preheat feature where you are able to heat the oven before placing the cake inside.

Timers and automatic sensors

The new age smart Microwave ovens come with a feature whereby you won’t have to set the timer at all. The sensors present inside the microwave oven will analyze the heat and steam levels only to check whether the food item is heated effectively. The microwave ovens with this feature will shut down automatically.


This is not much of a feature but more of an essential accessory that is required in a microwave oven. For the best heating and cooking experience your food item needs to be heated from all sides and that too evenly. Hence, the turntables will rotate at a set speed allowing the food item to be heated evenly.

Difference Between Conventional and Convection Microwave Ovens?

Well, the major difference between them the type of technology used in them. Where the conventional microwave ovens allow for the heat to permeate the plastic cover over the food item and then cook or heat the food. Both the Solo and Grill microwave ovens are available in the conventional microwave range.

Coming to the Convection Microwave ovens, these are distinct from the conventional, as they have a technological advantage. At first, there are the microwaves that travel deep inside the food items and heat it up, plus they have quartz halogen that provides intense heating. The benefit is quicker cooking and heating abilities.

What about the Microwave Oven Styles? Which shall I choose?

There are four major types of microwave oven styles available in the market. In the Indian market, you will find that there is the only major style of a microwave oven that is popular.

Counter Top Microwave

The best thing about these microwave ovens that they allow for easy mobility. You can keep them anywhere you like and just have to ensure that there is a power plug near to it. The countertop ovens come in all types including solo, grill, and convection.

Most people are buying convection countertop microwave ovens as they are built with the latest technology and provide the best results. However, there is a demerit of these ovens and that is they take more space in the kitchen. But if you weigh the benefits of these types of ovens, using that much space does not hurt anybody.

In terms of power usage, these types of ovens use 500 to 1000 watts of energy and the size varies. They are available in 15-20 liters, 25-30 liters, and more than 30 liters of capacity. So, you can choose as per your family size and requirements.

Above Range Microwave Ovens

Just recently this style of microwave ovens has been inducted into the Indian consumer products market. These are those microwave ovens are those that you will find hanging above the cook-tops. The basic functions of these ovens are similar to the countertop ovens.

But what they add to your kitchen is the ability to filter out the smoke emitting out from the cooking ranges. There are fans installed in these types of the oven to protect them from the cooking range heat and they have an automatic turn-on sequence when the heat increases.

Apart from the major space-saving benefits, these types of microwave ovens are built with such a technology that allows them to recirculate the heat generated in the first round and supply it back with the help of its charcoal filters. This leads to less usage of electricity and saves your hard-earned money.

Oven Drawers

The last style of microwave ovens is one step ahead of both the other styles. As of now, these ovens have not entered the Indian market, but they will soon. The oven drawer microwave ovens are installed inside the drawers.

The Microwave oven drawers save both space and allow for easy operation as you won’t have to take the risk of handling hot things above your head.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Shall I buy a feather touch microwave oven or not?

It depends on your usage. A feather touch panel will certainly add glamour to your microwave oven and also look beautiful in the kitchen. But they are sensitive and vulnerable to damage. The mechanical and tact dial panels, however, can handle some rough work and are less prone to damage.

Can I cook all types of food in the oven?

Here too the answer depends on your usage. The first thing is that you will need water to be present in the dish that you are preparing. Plus, there is no way for you to mix, stir, and check the dish while it is being prepared. So, the food items that do not require stirring and all can be prepared easily in the oven.

What difference does a power rating make in the microwave oven?

It relates to the amount of power consumed by each type of microwave. A lower-rated oven will consume more amount of power than the higher-rated ones.


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