9 Best Atta Dough Maker In India 2021

Atta Dough Maker

When it comes to cooking something, everything comes down to one point. The preparation required for that cooking is a bit more time-consuming than the cooking itself. Preparation includes all the processes like cutting, chopping, kneading, mixing, etc.

Most of the time is consumed in completing these steps. Take an example of an Indian mother who works really hard while cooking and preparing food. Having an automatic machine in her kitchen will be a great help to her as her work will be reduced and time will be saved.

Now to save time in this process, we need some automation which can be done by introducing machines and equipment into the system. Kneading the dough is one of the activities which takes a lot of time to complete as it requires the user to physically knead the dough itself from flour with their hands.

When it comes to choosing the appropriate equipment for the preparation, there is a wide range of products in the market that can fulfill the purpose.

Now for kneading, there are many products in the market that vary in various parameters that may sometimes confuse the user while buying those products. This article will help you get rid of your confusion regarding buying a good Atta Dough Maker machine.

Now the various factors and parameters on which your confusion is based are explained below. Let’s take a look at them!!!

Types of Atta Dough Maker Equipments

If you want to buy an atta dough maker, you need to know what types of atta dough makers are there in the market. You also need to know how to use these atta dough makers so that you don’t end up damaging the product.

This will help you find the ideal product for your usage and convenience. The below content will comprehensively explain to you the types of atta dough makers and their respective features available in the market. Along with that, it will also be useful while looking for features in the products.

Fully Automatic Atta Dough Maker

This type of atta dough maker machine requires electric power to function. The user can add all the ingredients that need to be kneaded into the bowl or mixing container of the equipment and the machine would automatically mix them up uniformly, thus providing you finely kneaded atta. Now, this can be used for various purposes.

Apart from just kneading, fully automatic atta dough maker machines can also be used to prepare the dough for bread and cakes. The automatic atta dough makers also have some additional features that allow the user to control the browning of the bread, produce gluten-free bread, etc. These features boost the value of the automatic atta dough maker.

Manual Atta Dough Maker

This type of machine is driven manually by a user for kneading the atta. You can add the ingredients like flour, water, oil, etc in the mixing container of the equipment and you need to rotate the handle clockwise and anticlockwise for perfect kneading. It requires more effort as compared to the automatic machinery but is still better than using hands.

This type of equipment is built strong because of the high chances of damage and is also cheaper than the automatic dough makers. In the manual dough maker set, there are various other things like measuring cups, which are used to add a measured quantity of ingredients like flour, water, and oil in a proper ratio.

Best Atta Dough Maker Machines

1. SHARP 1.5LB (PE-105-CS 600W)

When it comes to bread making, the Sharp Bread Maker ranks in the top choices for the user to look into. Sharp 1.5LB Bread maker has an awesome metallic structure with an appealing look along with a compact design that easily sits on the top of the table.

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On top of everything, it has a fully automatic functioning which provides ultimate convenience to the users while kneading, baking, warming, etc. Along with convenience, the bread maker also features twelve types of operation choices like French, basic, whole wheat, no gluten, ultra-fast, etc. This Sharp bread maker comes with two loaf size options namely 1.5LB and 2 LB.

The Sharp bread maker also provides an awesome interface to the user for controlling the machine. It has soft buttons on the top along with an LCD display which displays the type of process running along with time. The buttons can be used for selecting the color of the bread, setting the time and choosing the operation.

The machine has the ability to remember the previous operations undertaken by the user. It runs on the 600-watt and Along with this, it has the ability to automatically continue the operation if the power goes off.

2. Kent 550W (16010)

What if Atta and Bread Maker were easy to clean? Kent Atta and Bread Maker stands out in this because of its easy to clean and accessibility. The Bread maker is designed in such a way that it is easy to disassemble and can be easily cleaned when you are done with the kneading and baking process.

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Along with this, Kent 550W Atta and Bread Maker is automatic which offers the user the utmost convenience while kneading as the user does not have to touch the dough with their hands. This also promotes hygiene.

The Kent Atta and Bread Maker features a total of nineteen pre-set operation options which eases the cooking for the user. The metallic design of the machine keeps it intact in place while the operations are performed and features push buttons on the top which are used to select the required operation, set the time, start or stop the machine, etc.

The machine runs on 550-watt and comes with a one year warranty and just as the company says that it’s not just automatic, it’s intelligent too.

3. KitchenAid Artisan Mini (5KSM3311XBBM)

KitchenAid Artisan Mini is an awesome piece of kitchenware that has relatively less weight as compared to other traditional mixers and also takes up less space. These features along with its superb design and power make it rank among the top choices for users to check out.

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The 3.3 L metallic structure of the mixer can easily stir the dough for up to sixty cookies. The power of the mixer can be adjusted up to level 10 depending upon the type of process may it be kneading dough or whipping cream.

The KitchenAid Artisan Mini allows the user to easily access the bowl by its tilt-head design. The soft-start structure of the mixer runs on direct current with direct drive transmission. The elegant design of the mixer has a dough capacity of six hundred and eighty grams along with eight egg whites.

The KitchenAid Artisan Mini mixer is available in four distinguishing colors namely hot sauce, matte black, guava glaze and honeydew along with a five-year product warranty. Pick this product if you want a lightweight mixer.

4. Philips Daily Collection Mini Food Processor (HR7627/00)

The Mini food processor from Philips adds the utmost convenience to your preparation routine. The food processor features various distinguishing features that enable you to cook the best meal for you and your family. Its powerful motor along with a steel body enables the chopping and mixing tools to work efficiently while being intact in its place.

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The power chop technology of the processor finely chopped both hard and soft ingredients. Along with this, it also features an emulsifying tool for whisking eggs and whipping cream.

The Philips Daily Collection Mini Food Processor has a 40 percent larger feeding tube which allows more ingredients to be added at a time. Its 2.1 L bowl allows the users to prepare enough soup for five people and easily knead dough from flour.

The speed settings of the processor have two levels as low and high-speed settings. Apart from this, the equipment is very easy to clean as it can be easily disassembled into parts and runs on AC power supply.

5. Homeplus (Dough Maker)

Homeplus vertical dough maker is an exceptional piece of equipment specifically designed for kneading atta. Not only this, but it can also be used to chop vegetables and make fruit juices by adding a vegetable juicer attachment to it. It has a sturdy construction along with a powerful motor that can handle heavy-duty kneading and chopping processes.

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The Homeplus Vertical Dough Maker runs on AC power supply and is assembled with the vision of appliance safety by keeping all of its circuitry internal along with an internal circuit breaker.

The equipment has a strong and unbreakable glass that can easily handle chopping and kneading inside it. Along with this, it is fitted with food-grade blades that finely knead the dough and also peel the peas.

It has the capacity of kneading half a kilogram of atta in just thirty seconds which saves a lot of time for the user and is also hygienic. The product runs on the AC power supply and is an excellent choice for convenient dough making.

6. Slings (Slings_Atamaker_Blue)

This Atta maker from Slings has a trusted and rich blue color design that can be easily assembled for use and disassembled cleaning. The manual working design of the Slings Dough Maker consists of three measuring cups for water, flour, and oil along with an atta maker and handle. The structure is made out of 100 percent food-grade plastic and has a transparent lid for viewing.

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The transparent lid at the top consists of a hole for adding extra water or oil if required. It is advised to add flour, water, and oil in the proportion of 1:1:1 and then rotating the atta maker for two minutes both clockwise and anticlockwise.

The plastic used in the design of the atta maker is BPA free that helps to produce hygienic dough. All these great features are available at a very affordable price so if you are looking for a cheap and good atta maker, this will be the best choice for you.

7. Preethi (MGA-524)

The Preethi master chef atta kneader is also one of the great products for making the dough. The product features a 2.1 L jar, measuring cup, a kneading blade and a chopper blade. The Preethi Atta Kneader is easy to assemble and disassemble whenever required. It 2.1-liter capacity jar easily kneads one hundred fifty grams of atta in just one minute and chops three hundred grams of vegetables in seconds.

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The blades of the atta kneader are made of stainless steel that adds durability to their design. Preethi atta kneader comes with a one-year product warranty and is perfectly compatible with Preethi Blue Leaf Diamond, Preethi Blue Leaf Gold, Preethi Blue Leaf Silver, and Preethi Blue Leaf Platinum versions of mixer grinders.

Its transparent design adds grace to its look and its lightweight structure enhances the handling of the product. Another advantage of buying Preethi master chef atta kneader is that you get free service for the product for the entire lifetime that too at the Brand customer care center.

8. KhushiFab Atta Roti Maker

This product from Khushifab is also a manual product that requires human intervention for its appropriate functioning. KhushiFab Atta Roti Maker features atta maker, bowl with a handle along three measuring cups for flour, water, and oil. The equipment has a transparent lid on the top made from ABS plastic along with a hole that can be used to add water and oil to the container if required. The transparent lid allows the user to closely observe the dough which prevents the dough from over kneading.

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The atta roti maker from KhushiFab has an easy to operate design that adds convenience to the preparing time for the users. Its heavy-duty plastic design offers durability to its design and also provides it a sturdy build. As the atta roti maker has plastic construction, it becomes a lot easier to clean and store the product.

The user becomes free from the worry of breakage and the mixture of dough produced from this dough maker makes soft and fluffy chapatis. This product would be a great choice if you are planning to get a manual atta dough maker.

9. Darkpyro Dough Maker

Darkpyro dough maker is also a manual dough maker that needs to be operated by a user for making the dough. It is eight-piece equipment that consists of one bowl, one scoop, three blades for kneading, cutting, and churning, and three pieces of measuring cups. All the elements of the set are made from unbreakable ABS food-grade plastic.

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The elements can be easily assembled and disassembled for use which also adds the advantage of easy cleaning of the equipment after use. The handle maintains an awesome grip with the user’s hand which makes the kneading process smoother and easier.

The equipment has a dustproof coating on it which shields it from peeling and chipping. The plastic material used in the construction of this equipment does not react with the food and also does not corrode with time.

The plastic construction of the product also prevents it from breakage and can be easily carried around whenever required. Darkpyro Dough Maker is available in blue color and has a product warranty of five years.

Features of Atta Dough Makers

Features available in a product play a great role while choosing a product. If you have a better knowledge about the features that you can get in an atta dough maker, you will always pick the best product from the seller, here are some features that you should look for in an atta dough maker.

Assembling and Disassembling

The atta dough maker machines can be assembled and disassembled as per your convenience. Though all of them can’t be, it will add an advantage if you purchased one with these features.

This is important because the equipment becomes easy to clean and store if it can be disassembled. Also, you can carry it along with you if required. Keep a check on this feature for sure.

Easy to clean

We all would prefer an atta dough maker which is easy to clean right? So it is important to check if the product we are purchasing has this feature, Almost all of the manual atta dough maker equipment is easy to clean as they can be disassembled and reassembled again whenever required.

Although, there is some automatic atta dough maker equipment also in the market that can be disassembled and cleaned easily. Choose the best one which fits your requirements.

Baking and Food choices

Getting something extra is always exciting, isn’t it? How about if you get some extra features in the atta dough maker? This Baking and Food choices feature is only provided by automatic atta dough maker machines.

This includes various types of heating options and other bread options like gluten-free, french, basic, etc. You have a choice to opt for any option based on their needs which is another advantage of automatic atta dough maker machines.

So from the overall study, we can simply say that automatic atta dough maker machines are much better than the manual ones as they offer various baking and food choices apart from just kneading the dough. On the other hand, they do not require any physical effort of the user, unlike the manual dough makers.

The only drawback that can be seen in the automatic atta dough maker machines is that they are a bit costly than manual ones and some of them may not be as easy to clean as the manual ones. From a fair perspective, I would suggest you go for the automatic dough maker machine. Below is a list of some of the best atta dough maker machines which you can check and choose from.

Some FAQs By Atta Dough Maker Buyers:

Below are some of the frequently asked questions that come into the customer’s mind while buying an Atta Dough Maker. Just go through the list, it might be helpful for you in choosing a better atta dough maker.

Q. What is a dough blade for a food processor?

A dough blade in a food processor is a plastic element that rotates while attached in the center of the mixing bowl. It pulls and tears the dough in order to finely knead it. Unlike chopping blades which are sharp, the dough blade is blunt and has a shorter length. It only works when there is a required amount of flour present in the bowl.

Q. Can I use a blender instead of a food processor for the dough?

Not exactly, the reason being that the blender blends the things by bringing them down from the top through the center and this happens only in a small area. So if you even try to make dough from flour by using the blender and moving it everywhere in the mixing container, the final output would not be as good as desired. It is possible that your blender gets damaged.

Q. Are there any heating choices in the Atta Dough Makers?

Although Atta Dough Makers don’t need to have heating choices, some of the Automatic Atta dough machines have heating features. You can set the heat level based on your choice and get the required browning on the bread.

Q. What is this ABS food-grade plastic?

ABS is a thermoplastic that has various applications in different areas. It is used in packaging, making protective housing, etc. ABS generally does not react with corrosive chemicals which makes it fit to be used for making atta dough makers and various other plastic products.

Q. Can we knead dough in a food processor?

Yes, we can knead dough in a food processor provided we maintain the speed of the food processor and knead it in intervals because if the speed of the food processor is excessively high, it may lead to over kneading of the dough and the quality of the food made from the dough may fall, for example, bread made from such dough may be dense.

Q. How much power does an atta dough maker consumes?

Although it depends upon the time for which a user uses the dough maker. Ideally, the power consumption of most of the dough makers lies between 250 to 700 Watts.

Q. What are the best methods to safe keep the dough maker?

Improper usage of any machine will lead to its exhaustion before time but if used correctly, it will last a lifetime. The same is the case with atta dough makers. In the case of an automatic dough maker, running the machine for 7-8 minutes will give a good quality dough whereas for a manual machine it should be 10-12 minutes.


As you have all the required information about all the different types of Atta Dough Makers, their respective features along with the pros and cons in your pocket. It will not be challenging for you in choosing the best product for yourself now.

However, automatic atta dough maker outstands the manual atta dough bakers in many ways so they would be the best investment for your money. Although they are costly as compared to the manual ones they will also be a one-time investment for you.

Having a better atta dough maker will always save a lot of your time which can be invested somewhere else. I sincerely hope that you will get the best out of this buyer’s guide and make a responsible decision for yourself.


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