Air Cooler Vs. Air Conditioner: All you need to know!

air cooler vs ac

Everyone likes to breathe in cool and fresh air especially on a hot day. As such, a lot of people choose to buy machines such as air coolers and air conditioners to help them achieve that. In this article, we will be shedding some light on how both machines work and which one of them you should invest in. An air conditioner and an air cooler both serve the same purpose in as far as improving the quality of air, but they are two very different machines in terms of how they work.

So what is the difference between an air cooler and ac? Well, an air cooler operates by pulling the fresh air from the outside then cools it. An air conditioner on the other hand operates by circulating the air within the room continuously. Is an air cooler worth buying? The answer is yes. That is because it is known to provide better air quality when placed in a room. An air cooler is ideal for use by anyone and is highly recommended for people with conditions such as asthma and other allergies.

What are the advantages of an air cooler?

Air coolers come highly recommended for the following reasons:

They are portable

A lot of air coolers can easily be moved from one place to another. You can use them from any room in your house.

They are also eco-friendly

This is because they rely on motors and water for them to function properly as opposed to a refrigerant. Air conditioners require a refrigerant which is usually made up of a combination of gases that contribute to global warming.

They don’t have insulation requirements

Unlike air conditioners that require an insulated space for proper functioning, an air conditioner does not. That is because an air cooler makes use of air from the outside to bring that desired cooling effect to a room.

They do not need installation

Unlike an air conditioner, when you buy an air cooler, all you need to do is fill the tank with water then plug it to a power source and start experiencing the cooling effect. An air conditioner usually requires one to make adjustments on the wall and window and some extra wiring for it to function.

What are the disadvantages of an air cooler?

While an air cooler has several advantages, they also have a few disadvantages that include:

They require more maintenance in the way they work

As opposed to an air conditioner which usually starts cooling the air instantly, an air cooler will need you to keep filling it with water for it to work. This is because an air cooler uses water as the coolant compared to an air conditioner that uses a refrigerant.

They fail to function in high humidity areas

That is because the already present humidity does not allow for extra water to be added.

Does a cooler work like an air conditioner?

As has already been mentioned above, the main difference between air coolers and air conditioners is in the way they work. An air conditioner relies on a compressor to cool the air while an air cooler relies on motors to do the same.

Air conditioners also dehumidify the air and are ideal for any climatic area while an air cooler works by releasing moisture into the air space making them very ideal for dry areas.

Cooler versus air conditioner electric bill

When it comes to energy consumption, an air cooler will use up less energy compared to an air conditioner. It is a 75% difference which means your electric bill for an air conditioner will be more than what you would pay for using an air cooler.

Air coolers will also bring you a cheaper electricity bill because they rely on both water and electricity compared to an air conditioner which only relies on electricity. The operating cost for an air conditioner is three times more than that of an air cooler.

What are some recommended air coolers?

In case you have settled for purchasing an air cooler and cannot quite figure out which one to go for, we can help. The following are our recommendations:

Symphony Diet 12T Personal Tower Air Cooler

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Key features

  • One year warranty
  • Powerful pump
  • Honeycomb pads for cooling
  • 12-litre capacity
  • Cool dispenser
  • Control panel

The Symphony Diet 12T Personal Tower Air Cooler from Symphony is a great air cooler especially during the hottest season when you need to prevent excessive sweating. The cooler comes in a sleek, elegant design making it a great decorative piece for your room as opposed to just being functional. It is also compact and easy to move around. It also has multi-directional wheels that are strong and make it even easier to move. The cooler also allows you to add ice cubes into its ice chamber for the production of extremely cool air.


  • The warranty ensures you get support in case of any maintenance issues during use
  • The cool flow dispenser facilitates more cooling
  • The control panel contains knob controls and other settings that make it easy for one to use the cooler


  • The warranty is limited to just one year

Orient Electric Smartcool-DX CP1601H 16-Litre Personal Air Cooler

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  • 16-litre capacity
  • Honeycomb cooling media
  • Shockproof ABS body
  • Features an auto water fill
  • 1-year warranty
  • 4 castor wheels

The Orient Electric Smartcool-DX CP1601H from Orient Electric has been designed to provide the most superior cooling effect to suit your needs on a hot day. Its design is comfortable and size convenient enough to fit in whichever corner of your room you prefer. It has a 3-speed control that allows you to adjust the speed as you require. In case there is a power cut, you do not have to worry as it also operates on inverted power.


  • The air cooler is easy to maintain
  • It is very economical and offers true value for the money spent on its purchase
  • Its honeycomb pads allow for more cooling and water retention


It has a limited warranty

Bajaj Platini PX97 Torque 36-litres Personal Air Cooler

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  • 36-litre capacity
  • Castor wheel
  • Package includes one cooler
  • Easily removable pads

The Bajaj Platini PX97 Torque Air Cooler is one powerful one with an air throw that goes up to 70 feet. With this kind of power, it delivers air to every corner of the room. It comes with a Turbo Fan Technology that ensures you feel soothed while using it. The air cooler also allows you to make adjustments to the flow of air as per your preference.


  • The castor wheel makes it easy to move
  • Its design that is hexagonal allows for use of very little water to provide the most cooling for a room
  • The 36-litre capacity ensures the cooler works for a longer period of time as it means there is more continuous water supply


  • Might have a pungent smell when you use it for the first time owing to chemicals used in the cleaning of honeycomb pads

Crompton Ozone 55-Litres Desert Air Cooler

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  • 55-Litre capacity
  • Honeycomb cooling pads
  • The package is inclusive of the air cooler and a Motorise Louver movement
  • Measures 61.0cm by 40.5cm by 110.0cm
  • 1-year warranty
  • A rust-free design

The Crompton Ozone 55-Litres Desert Air Cooler is ideal for extremely hot and dry regions. It is a desert cooler with a 55-litre capacity which means you do not need to keep filling it up regularly. It provides for great water retention as its design features a cooling pad made of wool wood. It also features ice chambers in which you can add ice. That ensures you get the best cooling experience when using the air cooler. This air cooler from Crompton also comes with motorized louvers that facilitate the deflection of air in four different ways. Since it has a smooth exterior, the air cooler is easy to wipe with the use of simple cloth.


  • Its 55-litre capacity makes it ideal for use in larger rooms
  • The inverter capability enables one to enjoy cooling without interruptions because it can operate without electricity
  • Its rust-free body makes it durable and you will not have to deal with watermarks


It has a limited warranty

Having discussed these four types of air coolers, you as the buyer should be better positioned to make the right purchase based on their different features, pros, and cons. Air coolers generally allow you to get better cooling and at a relatively lower cost compared to air conditioners. You should also remember to purchase air coolers only if you live in areas where they work best.


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